Don't take our word for it - read what our students have to say!  Here's just a small selection of the comments we've received from students past and present. 

Hi Jan. I just wanted to notify you that last September I went full time as a professional Wedding Photographer. Having started with my first ever camera at one of your courses I have gone on to learn so much, initially as a second shooter for another photographer and then going solo. With over 35 wedding booked for 2016 I am very happy to say that things are going brilliantly. I even won the I Do wedding Awards this year for Best Wedding Photographer for the Notss, Derbyshire area. I thought you may like to know. Here is my website and I also have a FB page  

Brilliant! I attended the Get Off Auto at Tredegar House, Newport on Sunday last 18th Oct 2015. Peter was a fantastic tutor and the setting is a great venue for taking photographs. I teach and assess Social Workers and in my opinion Peter uses a huge range of teaching styles to enable as much learning as possible. He used a Power Point presentation, physical demonstrations (for example using a row of chairs), hands on individual (camera) assistance; and then time for us to have a go (under very disciplined boundaries - ONLY 20 shots!!); followed by a group discussion and a final analysis of what we'd learned and how to keep on learning. All this done with patience and very good humour by Peter. I honestly think that for the first time I am really starting to understand my camera and how it works. Thanks. I would recommend this course to anyone starting off with a DSLR. Mat Spillets

Dear Graham, Just a quick email to say how much I enjoyed the Getting Off Auto course at Rufford Old Hall yesterday. Carol was a knowledgable and patient tutor who took time out to help everybody. I would definitely recommend this course to anybody who has an interest in photography; whether they be relatively experienced or a complete novice like me. Kind regards Carol Bragg

Now that I am back home, and looking back on the course, I found it really inspirational. I took lots of notes as we went along, and really value the handouts and exercise sheets - which I will revisit in depth. Without a doubt I will have no excuses not to be well-prepared for my niece's wedding.   The pace of the course was just right, with a good balance between covering the ground and having time for taking shots and for discussion. You kept us moving along, which I liked. And your knowledge, experience and expertise clearly showed - to everyone's benefit.Like you, I thought the models were great - they were both professional and good fun - making sure we all got lots of opportunities for good shots (now hopefully the opportunities have been taken... ).  Gibside is a great location, with the sort of challenges that will most probably hit photographers in a real wedding. So all in all, thanks for a great two days. from Lindsay Watson

There were so many to pick from it took some going through, but I do enjoy the editing process so it wasn't too much of a task.  Thank you for all your useful tips and advice over the past few days, I found it very helpful and made me feel even more resolved that I want to try doing it professionally. I am very happy with the images I have! I have sent some of them, along with some of my other stuff to the wedding photographer who I have a meeting with next week, so all going well I should hopefully get some 2nd shooter experience soon!  from Rachael Fraser.

I attended Graham’s introductory course last week-end. During the day I learnt how to use my Canon SLR so that I was in control of it, and not the other way round! Graham’s guidance was practical; the combination of the presentations and the tuition while taking photographs made the day interesting and successful. I would not hesitate to recommend Graham’s courses to anyone who is keen to take better photographs in a variety of settings. Keith Donald 

I wanted to drop you a line to record what a successful day I had when I booked a one-to-one with Richard in London. He was incredibly patient when I continually showed my ignorance and really tried to explain things in a way I would remember and could use in ways I wanted, taking pictures of the kinds of subjects I was interested in. I would certainly want to return for more instruction but before then realise I have a lot of work to do! Please thank Richard on behalf of myself and the friend who accompanied me. Sarah Hayman 10th November, London 

Hi Peter, I too would like to thank yourself and Belinda for all the hard work you put into planning this weekend. As a newbee to Going Digital, I found your website and course details most helpful in deciding upon this New Forest course initially, and it proved to be at just the right level, meeting my needs very well indeed. And a nicer group of classmates would be hard to find anywhere! Your technical help was in all respects excellent, on camera settings, composition, suggested subjects, and the valuable comments made when you inspected our efforts. I felt the group as a whole shared between themselves a lot of equally valuable tips, ideas and comments, making the whole experience very worthwhile both photographically and socially. There was a very comfortable, pleasant atmosphere the whole weekend, and I have taken away many useful ideas to apply to future photography sessions. The proof of how good I found your course will no doubt be demonstrated when I book some further courses with you! I thought the itinerary for New Forest was good, very full and well researched, and kept us very busy throughout,and having arrived earlier on Friday benefited from the extra Friday evening activity, also using Sunday evening to do further low light work around Southampton Docks as I left on Monday morning. Thanks again Colin Prior 

Firstly I would like to sincerley thank you, Paul and Louise for a superb day once again. I have spent hours sifting through the 978 photographs taken! I hope you enjoy the results as much as I have although still lots to learn ie exposure and focus. Thankfully due to the loan of the super L lens I have some super shots - now on the wish list. It was amazing to see the photos taken before lunch and after. Bits of birds acquired their bodies in flight after your expertise and help throughout the day. Once again many thanks to the Going Digital Team, Kind regards, Wendy Rowe 

Hi Kiri, Having had chance to reflect on today, and to go through the photos, I cannot begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed today and how much I have learned. For me, today was an amazing experience, and you managed to isolate and give me direction on how to cure the basic faults in my photographs.... this is just what I needed, and I really appreciated your candid comments and attitude. I guess I just need to go out now and put into practice the advice you have given. Kath asked me when I got back whether I would do the same again and the answer was a resounding yes. So, I shall go away and practice. Regards, Ian Mason
Dear Dominic, I just wanted to drop you a quick line, to say thank you such much for an absolutely brilliant day yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed our day with you and have learnt some great things that will most definitely add a new dimension to our photography. I was really impressed with the balance of information you imparted and the practical application, it was just spot on. I have already had a wander around the garden this morning, camera in hand. Kindest regards Roz. 

Hi Jan, Thanks so much for such an excellent workshop at Hardwick yesterday. I achieved all my objectives and so much more besides. Paul is inspirational so passionate about photography and wildlife, a loss for the teaching profession to our benefit... thanks again for a great day. Best Regards, Francis de Clermont 

Hi Tish and Andy, Just wanted to let you guys know that I put theory into practice and really wow'ed my family when I took some great pictures at my cousin's engagement party a couple of weeks ago. They were so amazed with the pictures I took, they requested that I take more at the wedding and even offered to pay me. I reflected back on what Tish had taught us during our course in March 2013 and everything just made sense. I look forward to taking more advanced classes with you in the foreseeable future. Kind Regards, Kiran M. Patel 

Dear Dominic, I would like to thank you for an excellent day in Windsor. The explanations of terms and the use of the different elements were clear and easily understood and I learnt a number of new things as well as now feeling much more confident in using the settings on the camera. Liz has also gained much more understanding of the technical aspects of the camera and it looks as though I will be keeping hold of the D40 for her use rather than selling it as planned. Many thanks again, All the very best,Rob (and Liz) Wood 

Dominic, I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our course today. Peter is an excellent instructor, very friendly and has a very good teaching style. I think the content was pitched just right, being challenging to learn such a lot in a day but with an appropriate amount of stuff to get us started. The format was also very good, with the classroom-based learning followed by the practical, and finally a review to consolidate it all at the end. The venue was also very nice. I would (and shall) certainly recommend this course to friends and family, although I may recommend that they go in spring! And we both look forward to taking more Going Digital courses in the near future.Many thanks, Matt Dunk 

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team. The courses I’ve been on have been fantastic and I’m loving taking photos more than ever now and can see a definite change in what I’m taking. I went out at the weekend for a walk with my son and took the pictures attached which I’m really pleased with. It took some playing around to get things to work, because it was such a bright, sunny day, but I got there eventually and it felt great to have figured it out! Before I would have just been in auto and even though it’s taking longer now, I’m getting better results. Thanks again! It’s making photography even more exciting and it can only get better from now on. Jo Waldram. 

I really enjoyed today's Workshop and I need to thank you and Alison for that. Putting across information of a fairly technical nature to at least one 'thicko' and making it understood is a skill. And you and Alison have that skill. For me, hopefully, it will be onwards and upwards though I have no doubt that I might need another Going Digital exposure (excuse the pun) in the not too distant future. Thanks again. Nick Kotschy
One-to-One Tuition by Paul Southall - Paul, I thoroughly enjoyed your tuition and learnt so much. I am now trying to put as much as I can into practice. Simon Guilliat 

One-to-One Equestrian Photography Tuition by Paul Southall - Paul, Thanks again today for your excellent tuition as always! Gordon Jackson 

Attingham Park Explore Part 1 - Get Off Auto - Paul, I found the day most interesting, useful and enjoyable. Although I used to practice photography quite seriously in my youth (a long time ago) including developing and printing my own pictures, it was good to refresh and update the basics on a DSLR. The fact that you can "play" with the ISO speed to give you different settings is very much new to me, and also being able to select the focus point gives a lot of extra capability. I'll certainly look at your other courses when I've had a bit more practice with the camera. David Thomas 

Wightwick Manor Explore Part 1 - Get Off Auto - Absolutely brilliant day, Paul, thank you. You pitched it just right and I feel confident now in going off auto - I never thought I would! Just need to get some practice in and then I'll be back for Part 2. Thanks again, especially for your patience! Oonagh Kolek. 

Hi Rod and Allison i had an absolutly great time on the course yesterday i learnt so much and you explained it in such good ways to understand. and will certainly see you soon as possible for the next one. See you soon, Wayne Dickerson. 

I am super happy with the way my photography is going. I have a good teacher so thanks Jan. The advice was bang on right from advising me which kit to buy to who to work with and I hope it continues for a long time. Thanks again Jan, I had a great day on Saturday and the write up from Tony has sealed the week as a gooden. Mike 

Good morning Kiri, I really did enjoy the day at Norwich last Friday as well learning much about macro photography. You have a natural ability to convey complex ideas in a clear and understandable way. I am sure all my photography will benefit but certainly I can now take close up photos with a much better understanding of how to achieve a pleasing result. I enjoyed looking at the results on facebook -my first ever published work! Many thanks, Nick Loftus 

Hi Jan just to say a huge thank you for the input today. I learned an awful lot about my camera and I would like you to pass on my thanks to the other two ladies that were with you and assisted on the day. I could read my camera manual 20 times and not learn what I picked up today. Thank you again. Regards, Bob Walton 

Hi Dominic, Have just completed the 2 days at Tredegar House and thought I would give you some feedback. I have attended many courses on a range of topics during my career, and would rank this 2 days training as one of the best I have ever attended. Even though I am an absolute beginner, and a number of the others on the course already had several years experience, it was clear that we all learnt a great deal and all seemed keen to build on what we had learnt. The course was run a relaxed manner and was fun to attend. I have come away with so many things to experiment with and have no doubt that I shall now progress well with my camera, and am looking forward to the master-class next Spring. An excellent 2 days and I would highly recommend it. All the best, Ian 

Dear Rod, I had a very enjoyable and enlightening 2 days with you and Alli. I learnt so much my poor brain is still trying to digest it all. Can I just say that the 2 day course was very relaxed as well as informative and both you and Alli adjusted the content to suit even my very amateurish needs, I thank you both for that. Best Wishes Fran 

Hi Rod, We just wanted to drop you a mail to say thank you for a great home studio course on Saturday at Burghley. We both came away having learnt exactly what we wanted to learn along with a great hands on workshop. The day was laid back, fun, informative and to be honest I cant fault it in any way. We haven't yet got in amongst the world of ebay and its lighting and gadgets but I have no doubt we will be investing (although it would mean our 4 year old having to move bedrooms!) Thank you again from the dynamic duo! We look forward to seeing you soon on another one of your courses. Best wishes Popi and Stu. 

Hello Rod, Many thanks to you, I personally found it to b a very informative on a very easy level to understand which has made me feel more confident on looking further into the various menus, I also have a Nikon bridge camera and last night took it off of AUTO :>))))))) I was more than a little nervous on arrival but those apprehensions soon disappeared when we started, not too technical that we could not get to grips with, walking through the menu on the camera showing us individually what to do, I would recommend this to all who purchase a camera as there were so many other snippets to pick up, not at a great pace that you miss things. I now look at other menus to see what is there to discover. A brilliant day a good tutor who took the time to explain and answer any questions posed. See you again. Roger (Burghley House, Explore Part 1) 

I find I have developed a fascination for bugs and insects since attending your last macro workshop and lately I have been experimenting with focus stacking a number of images to create detailed shots of these little beasties, I thought you might like this one of a Wasp - how incredible they look when you see them close up! Take care and see you soon. Heather x 

Hello Jan, Thank you for a fantastic day last Saturday! I have certainly learned a lot about shooting without the need for 'auto' mode. Although I had been using 'aperture priority' mode for some time, I really hadn't taken full advantage of it! (You can read lots about the manual settings in books/online, but nothing beats advice from experts and hands on experience). Joannes Hermans 

On behalf of Ruth and myself we would like to thank both yourself and Paul for another fantastic day. It's amazing how much wildlife there is around you, however unless you tune into your environment the vast majority of it goes unnoticed. With your help on Saturday it enabled us see beyond the obvious and look deeper into a wonderful and interesting world of nature. We have already booked for the Birds of Prey workshop on the 13th October and look forward to another informative and interesting day with you both. Kind Regards, Graham and Ruth (You can see more of Graham's photos from the workshop in our album >>) 

I just wanted to say 'thank you' for a brilliant day at Wimpole Hall on your Explore your DSLR Part 1 course on Saturday 4th May. We had excellent tuition and a group of really good people who were there to learn and have fun and I can honestly say that for the first time I understood the meaning of 'depth of field', aperture and composition. At least when I read an article now it will make some sense too! and now......... I need to practice. I hope to attend the next course in the not too distant future. Thanks again to you and Allison, great course and I would recommend it to anybody with a camera. Hope to see you soon. Best regards, Carole 

Dear Rod and Alison I just wanted to thank you for such a great day at Wimpole on Saturday. Both you and Alison were fantastic (you should start a double act!) and you helped us all tremendously. Nothing was too much trouble and you made us all feel very comfortable so that we could ask any question at all, – just exactly what I was looking for so much so I have now booked the part two! Kind regards Julie 

Thank you for a really great day on Friday. Jenni and I enjoyed it very much and feel we both learnt so much. I feel much more confidant using the camera settings and will be out practicing very soon. Hope to come to another course in the future. Barbara 

Dear Rod, Having just attended the Photo Workshop at Stanwick Lakes I would like to thank Rod Corston for his expertise,knowledge, friendly manner and sense of humour in delivering this workshop. I learnt more on this workshop, especially about depth of field and focussing, than I have in several months trying to decipher settings and other techniques from the camera manual! The course is extremely well structured in that it delivers classroom instruction , practical shooting experience and handouts that can be taken home and referred to. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Going Digital workshops as they provide excellent value for money and are worth ten camera manuals! Be inspired by trying one of the Going Digital workshops, work with like-minded people and enjoy taking better photographs. It’s the best money you can invest in your photography journey. Thanks for your patience and humour today. Best wishes. Sonia Kendrick 

Having read the workshop reviews in advance I was hoping the course would live up to expectations. I was not disappointed. There was a mixture of experience amongst the students but as a relative novice I didnt feel out of my depth. Rod and Alison are helpful to those who need advice and encourage questions without making anyone feel silly for asking. The course has a good balance of instruction/advice with practical camera time. The day is well structured, with the morning shoot of cheetahs and foxes an appetiser for the main course of time with the tigers. We felt privileged to be allowed into areas where the general public can't get to. To be literally six inches from a tiger was genuinely exhilirating. A class review of the students' photographs showed everyone had some great keepsakes of the day. I know I was delighted with the results of my efforts. For anyone who likes wildlife this course is an absolute must. I am now following Going Digital on Twitter and Facebook. Hopefully I will pick up a few more tips. Thanks again for a most enjoyable day and I'll check out your other courses to see how I can keep improving. Kind regards Doug Sinclair 

This is a must course for any big cat lover, I did parts 1 and 2 courses first which really helped me understand how my camera works. Sharon Sims via Facebook (Wildlife Photography at Hamerton Zoo). 

Hi Tish and Andy, I just wanted to say thanks again for the excellent wedding photography course last weekend. As someone who is happy using aperture and shutter speed priority, it was great to learn a bit more about working in manual and how to incorporate flash into portrait photography. I have come away feeling a bit more confident about shooting my sister's wedding in July. Thanks again for all your help, this is the third Going Digital course I have been on, and they have always delivered above and beyond my expectations - so no doubt you will see me again. Take care, Kirsty 

Rod, I really enjoyed your Photoshop Elements course yesterday at Anglesey Abbey. I've had Elements for several months now and every now and then I would crank it up and try and work my way through the maze of jargon and mass of over-engineered features to do something simple with a photo. Inevitably, after fifteen minutes of rising blood pressure I would switch it off again, convinced that underexposed washed-out photo wasn't so bad after all. Your course helped cut through all this and I now feel able to focus on the essential bits with a new-found enthusiasm and confidence. I like your relaxed, professional style and the way you explain things so logically and simply. I have done four of your courses now, and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking to inspire themselves to become a more knowledgeable and competent photographer. . Many thanks and best regards, Stewart
Hi Jean, I would like to thank you, for your excellent Photography Workshop, on Saturday 20th April, most enjoyable, and you made it so interesting, and easy to listen to... Kind regards, Ken Milverton 

Dear Rod and Alli, Thank you for a splendid 2 days of learning the ins and outs of wedding photography. I have picked up so much useful information and skills. Kay 

Some shots from our safari trip to Cape Town, South Africa. My camera is the Panasonic Lumix G2 and I bought the Panasonic Lumix 100-300 lens. I was worried I would miss getting some good shots and chickened out initally and used the camera's auto setting but once I realised there was plenty of time I chose my own settings and am very pleased with the results. Many thanks to you and Paul over the last year. I have cropped the lion and cheetah a little in photoshop.I have a Going Digital voucher from the family to use sometime this year so will see you again later in the year. Best regards. Marj Freeston 

Thanks for the course today which I found very useful. I spent an hour after the course experimenting and found a real improvement in my shots. The light was quite dramatic and made a real difference. Thanks again, Jerry (Anglesey Abbey - Landscape 1) 

Hi Rod, Thanks for the handout, I am definitely going to be purchasing some filters. Thank you so much today, really learned a lot and helped to consolidate lots of things!!! Must make sure I don't hit buttons changing settings that I don't want changed!! Thanks again. We have already got part 2 of getting to know your camera booked in June I think so looking forward to that. Catherine 

Hi Kiri, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the course in Colchester on Saturday despite the weather and the challenging lighting in the seminar room! Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge and for making the day so enjoyable. Regards, Carol Clancy 

Hi, I was on the Part 2 DSLR course last week at Fountains Abbey. I had such a good day, i learnt loads and Pandora was great, thank you :) Thought i'd send you some photos, the first two are edited from the photos i took at Fountains Abbey, and the other 3 are from aperture priority mode, using what i'd learnt on the course. Hope you like them. Hannah Macro 

Rod – hope this finds you well? When I booked my Going Digital Courses – not only did I get a great tutor! – I also was entered into the prize draw and came 2nd out the hat and won £250 to spend at Wex Photographic.... Thanks, Liam. 

Hi Jan, I attended one of your courses about 4 or 5 years ago, and have never looked back. One of my photos was voted 4th best in the world last week on Project 365. Since attending the course I have really let my love of photography run away with itself, and go to as many exhibitions as I can and am always buying books to help me see what the great photographers do. I think your course was what opened the door for me, and helped me fully understand the potential with my A and M settings as well as how to compose a good shot. Sean O'Neill 

Hi Jan, I went out 'snapping' on Sunday and got a lovely shot of some fungi. This morning I spotted a little nest in some bushes on my walk into work that I'd not spotted before. It was shrouded in fog and touched by frost. I took the same photo on my way home in full sun. What a difference! I am so pleased I had my camera with me. I really enjoyed the course at Whisby on Saturday and it's really helped me understand how to use the settings to improve my shots. Will see you at Clumber on 3rd March. Kind regards, Janet Taylor. 

Hi Jan, Just to say thanks to yourself and Louise for running an excellent course at Whisby yesterday - I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot! I will definitely be coming on other courses in future. You said you'd like to see any photos we took, so attached are a couple of snowdrop pictures I took today. I struggled yesterday with the close up shots but I think I'm finally getting there (albeit within the limitations of my camera only being able to focus on objects in the centre!) Still some improvement needed but it's motivating to make some progress in a short space of time! Thanks again! Sam Moore

Hi Jan, just a quick note to say many thanks to you, Pandora and Tabitha for the off-camera flash one-to-one day on Friday. It was more than I could have hoped for and seriously impressed me. I now have a great deal to work with during my practice runs and feel much more confident in my ability to understand what's going on now. I had read a great deal about lighting and speedlite set ups all creating confusion and even more apprehension. Your notes made sense of the jargon and process involved in this part of photography. This sense of calm increased during the day until I left with a much greater understanding of flash photography and lighting techniques in general. I would recommend this workshop to anyone and everyone after attending the basic DSLR workshops as your photography will benefit immensely from it. Mike Ormesher 

Hi Tish, Just to say had a great day yesterday with Mike at the Photoshop course, the level was just wanted I needed and has helped a great deal. Many thanks, Bob 

Hi Andy, Just wanted to contact you and say a massive thank you for your course today at Tilgate Park. I started an online course last year with The Photography Institute and I have to say I learnt more today and more made sense than completing 2 modules of my course. I have booked myself onto part 2 of Explore Your Camera and can't wait to book more with you. I would like at some point to talk to you further about going pro. I know it's going to take a long time but today made me realise how much I want to do this. I need to discover what it is that I want to shoot as at the moment I seem to enjoy photographing everything. I'm going to make sure I practice lots and hopefully see you on Feb 10th for part 2. Once again thank you very much, was a great course. Kind Regards, Andrew Charlwood 

Hi Andy, Tish. Thank you once again for a great day on Saturday. I picked up some really useful tips and on the whole I felt that I did learn a considerable amount about taking wildlife images. Thanks very much again. Regards Mark
Hi Andy, Many thanks for a very interesting, useful and enjoyable day at Bushy Park. Hope to take part in another of your workshops. Kind regards, David and Mary Whitehead 

Hi Andy. Just wanted to let you know how much Paul enjoyed the day. He loved it so much that he gave me a 4 hour, detailed account. I had to ask him to shut up so I could listen to the 10.00pm news! I usually buy him an 'experience' present for birthdays and Xmas and, as his birthday is in March, he has asked to come back to see you for the next level, day. So, thank you very much. Kind Regards, Danielle 

I spoke on the phone today and attach my copy of Jessops receipt scanned into a word document. It somewhat restores my faith in human nature that your organisation is offering this chance not to lose our Xmas presents. Meg
Hello, I've just signed up for your beginner course as I saw on your website that you would honour Jessops courses that were booked and paid. That's amazing you guys are doing this! Thank you. Thank you so much for doing this.Karen 

I would like to say what a rewarding, inspiring and instructional day we had today at Hardwick Hall - so worth getting stuck in the snow for!! Thanks again and I look forward to attending future courses. Regards, Mark Fidler.
Hi Tish. Many thanks for a great course on Saturday 26th, I found it really helpful and great fun to be on. Please thank your Head Office for the kind gesture of paying for the course when Jessop's collapsed, I was so disappointed when I thought I couldn't do it as I had only just purchased the Nikon 3100 and had no idea how to use it. Now I know my way around the camera and can't wait to do another course. Once again thank you! Kind regards, Jan Brookes xx 

Having attended three of your fantastic courses I do feel that my skills are developing. Here is a shot of my pet dog which I took at the weekend using off camera flash. I do have a FB page for some of my other work as I am also a second shooter for an established wedding photographer and have also started doing a few myself for family and friends. Marie Anson 

Hi Rod. I would just like to say many thanks for the excellent Explore your digital camera part 1, I attended on Sunday 20th January at Burghley House. I learnt so much on the day and even the snow didn't hinder our spirits. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like more of an insight, I learnt so much on the day. I found the course very motivating. I look forward to booking my next course. Kind Regards Denise Fytche (Burghley SLR1)
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop at Clumber Park on Saturday and that I took a huge amount from it. I thought the structure of the day was great and the support form you both excellent. I am sure you will be seeing me on your other courses in the future. Michael Thomas 

Hi Jan, I hope you are very well. I was really thrilled with this image I captured at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park last week, your classes are really paying off! Looking forward to seeing you again in the new year. Kindest Regards, Heather Burns 

Hi Rod, I'm writing to thank you for running such an excellent course on Saturday. The content, detail and approach was just right for me - with a fair experience of photography including some tuition, but largely self taught in Photoshop. The course material is excellent, so much better than any of my Photoshop books. Your teaching style brought it all to life and made each detail memorable. My editing practice is certainly changed for ever ! I've attached my first two new edits from summer in Paris which i hope you enjoy - I'm sure you'll recognise some of your teaching in practice. Lawrence De'Ath 

Dear Jean, Thank you so much for yesterday's Part 2 DSLR camera course. As you know, I have been on several Going Digital courses in the last few months but this was by far the best. I now feel I have much greater understanding of my camera, its capabilities and limitations. I look forward to taking real pictures in the future and not just snaps. I also look forward to more of your courses next year. Best wishes, Jane 

Hello Rod, Thank you so much for a very enjoyable day last Saturday at Burghley House. The whole day was informative, inclusive and above all motivating (I've been borderline hyperactive with my camera in the last couple of days). Looking forward to enrolling on the next workshop. Regards, Ken 

Hi Jean,Just wanted to say how fantastic I thought the 2 days were in Erddig at the start of November. Your teaching methods were first class and I now spend every hour that I can practising.......the housework can wait!!! I hope to come on all the courses over the next few years so I look forward to catching up with you again. Kind regards, Jo 

Hi Jan, I had another fabulous day with you and Paul on Saturday and have some super images of both the mice and moths and the more creative lighting techniques on the macro shoot, I have already started to think about some projects I can work on over the dark winter months when the weather is being unkind to be out and about. I am looking forward to booking onto some more courses in the new year. Kindest Regards, Heather 

Morning Jean. Firstly I would like to thank you for the day I spent with you on the 13th Oct. I had a truly magnificent time; I learnt so much about photography, photographing water and gained a tremendous amount of confidence in using my camera, so a heart felt thankyou. Many thanks, Glenn 

Hi Jan, We have been on a number of photographic courses and still find Going Digital offers the best. The structured day, with the right balance of theory and advice combined with practical time in the field and feedback afterwards is what makes such a difference! Having just completed the Birds of Prey day at Hardwick Hall 27/10/12. We came away with renewed confidence and skills to apply to all areas of our photography. Can't wait to put this into practice next week in Botswana!! Many thanks Helen and Tony 

Dear Jan Can I start by saying a very big thank you to yourself, Paul and Paul for a fabulous day last Sunday, I had a wonderful time photographing Paul's beautiful birds with a group of very friendly fellow photographers and hugely experienced tutors who genuinely wanted us to get the best out of the day and produce some great photographs. I came away thinking if I had 5 or 6 good photographs to send to you I would be happy, the problem has been whittling it down from about 30 breathtaking shots and about 100 great shots! On another note can I also say how good Ash and Pandora were on the last workshop I attended, like Ash I enjoy photographing bands and was struggling to get any useful shots, his advice has come in very handy for the back end of he festival season and I have taken some great photographs of which one is going to be published in Classic Rock magazine (the band I took the photo of are using it for their promotional literature). I am looking forward to trying out some new techniques in November when I am attending the next Wildlife workshop with yourself and Paul at Clumber Park. All for now Warm Wishes Heather 

Dear Jan, Thank you to you, Pandora and Ash for a very enjoyable day today at Hardwick. It has certainly given me some ideas to try out. I am looking forward to starting to understand more about my camera on the part 1 course in November which I have just booked. Kind regards, Helen Akil 

Hi Jan Many thanks to you and Paul and Paul for a great day on Saturday. I came away feeling I had learned alot and am trying to make sure that I retain and use all the valuable tips you gave us. As part of the learning process I have attached some photos and would be grateful if you could look at them and tell me what I could do better - apart from getting all the subject in the frame!! I only had my new camera a few weeks ago but am really pleased with the results - when I scrolled through the many hundreds I took on Saturday I began to recognise some areas for more attention to detail etc. All in all it was a great day, a valuable experience and added to my ever growing knowledge. Regards Pauline 

Hi Jan Thanks very much for such an enjoyable day on Saturday's Wildlife Master Class session. Once again I've picked up some really useful advice and tips on technique. I'm attaching two pictures of the Lanner Falcon against the sky which I'm particularly pleased with...... Once again many thanks and I look forward to attending another course in the future. Iain Connell 

Hello Jan, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for a terrific course on Sunday 15th July. I had a fantastic time and enjoyed every minute. I think your presentation was spot on - and I think the feedback that we got from yourself and Paul out in the field was excellent. I certainly came away from the day with a much improved knowledge of photographing wild birds - and I have a number of amazing photos too... My thanks again for a wonderful day. I am definitely going to book myself on to the Masterclass course later in the year - so hopefully I will see you again then. Yours very sincerely, Martin Williams. 

Hi Rod and Ann, what a great day, good instruction, great weather, a great group of people and terrific photos. I liked the short pre-meeting, especially the tips on setting up the camera. I not only learnt a few new tricks on the course, but ‘reminded’ me of things I had learnt before but had forgotten or let slip lately. It has given me a boost to get out there again and enjoy the art I love so much. I haven’t had time to go through all my images yet, but I did think the attached image sums up the day and the course .... it was the ‘dog’s b*ll*cks’. Well done and thank you. Bernie (Hamerton - WIldlife) 

Hi Ann, Hope you and Rod are both keeping well. Sorry it has taken so long to feedback about the recent workshop at Hamerton. A well-structured and very pleasant day, both Catherine and I really enjoyed the whole experience. The ‘big cat’ close up photo opportunities are simply amazing and I am still wading through all the images taken on the day. Please find a couple of pics for your gallery. Look forward to meeting up with you again sometime in the future. Kind regards, Joy Hepworth 

Hello Rod, I can’t believe that it’s nearly a week since the Photoshop day at Hardwick! Thank you so much for a wonderful day and for teaching me so much; I never thought I’d be able to do anything, so I was really happy to find how much fun it was. Since trying things out for myself at home (the hand-out’s looking well-thumbed already!) I’ve been lassoing and cropping and waving my magic wand…I feel like Tinkerbell in the wild west. Thanks again Rod, for a wonderful day. I feel that now I can hopefully take my photography forward! With best wishes, Alison Ashton 

I had the opportunity to go to one of ‘Going Digital’ workshops yesterday. It was a full day workshop on ‘an introduction to wildlife photography’ at the local Hamerton Zoo. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what I received was first class, so did everyone at the event (10 people). The initial tutorial taught (or reminded you) how to shoot in Aperture mode, to enable you to get the subject as sharp as possible and the foreground and background blown out of focus. I must admit that I have spent many ours blowing out backgrounds in Photoshop in the past, as this was one thing that I struggled with. Assistance was given how to set up your cameras and to gain answers to any questions that you may have had. After the tutorial, off we went to shoot some big cats (and I mean BIG) because you get the chance to cross over the public barriers to physically be right next to the animals. The Keepers supplied the animals constantly with food to get them in the right positions to get that extra photograph. For £95 for the whole day was a terrific value for money. I learnt a lot, so did my son who came with me. Bernie Driver 

Dear Dom, Following the photography course last weekend, I have had time to reflect on some of the things learned, which I hope will be useful feedback for you. Being able to ask questions specific to our own cameras and receiving the one to one instruction was very useful. There were many features of the camera which had not been appreciated - or used - before, and by going through each of these features whilst allowing us to experiment with them gave an insight into how to take better pictures. Not only did the assignments give us the opportunity to apply what we had learned, it also built confidence in using the different features. In particular, I found the analysis very useful as it gave me a much clearer understanding of what had been effective in different situations. Finally, your clarity and patience in explaining information was greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Tracey Stevens 

Hi Rod and Ann, Thank-you on behalf of Angela and I for a great day at Anglesey Abbey. We both learnt so much about our cameras and it is certainly more fun than just using Auto and not having control of the pictures you take. Have now become a Rule of thirds bore but I don’t care. Regards Sandra and Angela 

Hi Andy. Thanks very much for the superb day on Sunday at Port Lympne. I got some fantastic pictures (took around 750 in RAW) which I'll soon set about cropping and improving when time permits. (Work always gets in the way!). Your courses always provide great value for money, personal tuition coupled with fantastic locations really make it an ideal day for us photographers. Keep up the good work, that's now my 5th workshop and I always mention Going Digital to my other photography enthusiasts. Must look for my next!! Cheers to you and Tish, Rob. 

Hi Rod, Just wanted to thank you for the portrait photography course last week-end at Anglesey Abbey. You managed to make it both informative and fun. Thanks. Already improved my group and family photo! Kind regards, Chris Newman 

Hi Rod, I hope you had a pleasant weekend after Burghley, was certainly warm enough, so I expect you were in the shade! Thanks again for the course on Saturday, put me in a good position for photographing in the Peaks yesterday with my climbing buddies. Have been on Crooked Images and agree they have a very comprehensive stock of which i have now procured various elements, well it was payday. Just about to read you blog on cleaning lenses/mirrors. See you on the 1st July at Stanwick Lakes. Adam (Burghley House - Landscape Part 1) 

Hi Jan, I really enjoyed our course yesterday and have now booked for Landscapes Part 1. I attach a couple of shots from yesterday - with a little help from Lightroom! King regards, Carol (Water and Movement, Padley Gorge)
Hello Jean, Just a quick note to say thank you. The course was well run, your relaxed approach certainly made me feel comfortable and I am sure that probably applies to the others on the course as well. It can sometimes be a bit intimidating attending a course such as this, but you explained things in very simple terms and gave us lots of tips and pointers to make what you had taught us easy to remember. Maybe not straight away, but with continued practice I am sure it will become second nature. I got an awful lot out of the day and now feel much more confident in using my camera 'off Auto' . As I said when I was leaving, I wish I had attended this course much sooner. Thanks again, and I am sure our paths will cross again in the future on another course. Regards Keith Nicholls 

I would like to thank Dominic for a thoroughly enjoyable two days at Tredegar House this last weekend. I have already put into practice some of the skills taught on these two days and have seen noticeable improvement in my shots. Thanks, Geoff Palmer 

Dear Rod, Just wanted to say Thank You for the brilliant Explore Your Digital Camera workshop on Saturday 19 May at Stanwick Lakes. I learnt so much and, as ever, your humour and patience and also that of Ann’s was much appreciated! Really looking forward to putting into practice all that I learnt and becoming more familiar with what my camera can do and learning how to compose more creative shots. For anyone interested in photography, I cannot recommend the Going Digital Level 1 and Level 2 workshops highly enough. Excellent value for money and a good mix of tutorial and practical assignments together with really useful handouts to take home and use as a reference point for practicising what we learnt on the course. I am considering either the Landscape or the Photoshop workshop next and feel much more confident using my camera without the need to ever go on Auto again. Thanks again. Sonia Kendrick 

[VIP Photography Safari] Hi Paul, Thanks for a fantastic day, I really enjoyed the whole day...just what I needed to get back into photography, and I feel alot more confident now. Also, Dave the ranger was so interesting and knowledgeable, he also allowed me to not only get photos but to see Buster up close...which was fantastic. I have posted a few pics on the facebook page (not sure if done correctly? if so I can always email them direct. I shall be out practising on manual now. Hopefully my lad and myself will be joining you again in the future. Best regards, Denise 

[VIP Photography Safari] Paul it was great to meet up again. Libby and I had a great day and any thanks to you for the guidance and coaching through the day! I have attached a few of mine for consideration for your gallery, still working through them.. Any feedback would be gratefully received. Best Regards, Chris 

[Explore Part 1 and 2] Hi Paul, Thanks very much for presenting such a great course. Your explanations were clear and succinct, so much so that even I could understand most of it.The biggest surprise for me is just how easily my mind seems to have taken in everything you said over the two days, and how I am now looking at a particular subject, and I am fairly confident now that I can adjust all the settings to make the shot I want, without having to think too much about what buttons to press. Here are a couple of images I took yesterday evening once the sun had finally come out this month, both utilising all of the things I learned over the two days! Thanks so much again! Bruce
Hi Jan, I just wanted to say another big thank you to you (and Paul and Pandora) for the course last Saturday, it was brilliant!!! I can't believe the standard of the pictures I have taken. It really has taken me to the next level! Regards James. (Introduction to Photographing Birds of Prey, Hardwick Hall, 19th May) 

Dear Paul, I just wanted to write and say a big thank you for the course you held on the 12th May 2012. For saying I didn't know how to switch my camera on !!!!! I came away inspired :0) We both thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and will be booking part 2 shortly. My camera is now with me all the time and I am trying to put into practice what I learned on the day, my poor dogs run a mile when it comes out as they are fed up of waiting whilst i fiddle with the settings - lol. I have attached three pictures of my dogs which are the best I have ever taken. I realise that I forgot to change the exposure compensation on my Chihuahua one !!! I am really proud of the fluffy Shepherd one though. Thanks again for a fantastic day. Sheila Morrison [Nikon Coolpix P300] 

Hello Paul, I did enjoy the course yesterday - I had forgotten how technical photography can be! Am now booked for the part 2 on 9 Jun at Attingham, so will see you then. Sandy Simpson [Fuji Finepix S9000] 

Hi Paul, Thank you for a fabulous day at the West Midlands Safari Park on 25th April. My dad and I thoroughly enjoyed the day and my memories of the day will remain with me for a long time. I am really pleased with some of the photos I took and attach a few which I thought you might like to see. Sorry its taken a while to send these to you. The day after the photography day I fell over and I have broken a bone in my arm so the last couple of weeks have been a bit hectic. So relieved it didn't happen before the photography day! Thanks again for a wonderful day and all your help and guidance. Kind Regards Sarah Marriott [Fuji Finepix HS20] 

Hi Peter and Liz, Thank you for such an inspirational and well presented Macro class yesterday at Kingston Lacy. I really felt intimidated when I saw all the technical cameras, I thought I'd probably leave the class early as I would get lost in the camera technical talk but I really learnt that my compact camera can do what I'd like it to do; it was just a case of knowing where to start and it being set up correctly so thank you. I'm interested in the composition of a photo so if you run that class, preferably at Kingston Lacy I would certainly be interested in joining your class. I would like to do the Landscape class too but I will have to wait a while before booking it. It would probably be good to learn how to fully use the compact now that I know it has huge menus and can do other amazing things. Once again thank you for getting me on track with my photography! Elizabeth Lloyd 

Hi Rod, I wanted to thank you and Ann for a very enjoyable and productive day at Rockingham in spite of the awful weather. I learnt a lot in good company and the whole day was enormous fun thanks to your approach which was just what I had hoped for. I will certainly join you again at some point to further my skills. I have not had much opportunity to get out with the camera since, due to work and weather. However, I have just booked my next trip to Sri Lanka in September and that always gives lots of opportunities for superb shots. You suggested mailing a few shots to Ann for comments and I will do so. Thanks again Steve (Rockingham, Explore Part 1) 

Dear Rod and Ann, Many thanks for an excellent day. I wasn't entirely sure whether I should have started with the basic course or gone for the subsequent module when I booked it, but I learnt much about the camera that I hadn't really taken in by reading manual and had certainly got lazy with the green button. I look forward to seeing you soon for the next level. Best wishes, Jonathan (Wimpole Hall, Explore Part 1) 

Just a short note to you both to say thanks for a great day at Burghley House. I thought the instruction and assistance we received was excellent. Personally I would have preferred less time at the end of the day on the review and more time actually being shown the different lighting set ups because, try as you did, we simply didn't move the lights and models around as much as we should have. I thought we were very fortunate to have our 3 models that along with the multiple lighting set ups made the group size excellent. I hope to see you again soon. Kind regards, Silvan (Burghley House - Home Studio) 

Just wanted to say what a fabulous course on Sunday, despite the weather. Ash finally managed to explain the relationship between F-stops, shutter speeds and ISO numbers in such a manner that I feel I finally understand them and how to use them. After owning my camera for 5 years it is finally off auto mode and I am now using Aperture Priority mode. I love photographing flowers but never knew how to make them stand out by blurring the background. Although Sunday’s weather meant any close-up outdoor photography was impossible, Monday’s sunshine had me out with the camera before work and I applied everything I had learn and got the attached shot. Success! The downside to the course – I now feel the urge to go and buy new lenses and filters and a tripod and a bigger camera bag ... and ... and .. and... Many thanks Ash & Pandora, Jacqui
I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the workshop with Rod and Ann. The weather on the day was awful and after attempting to brave the wind and rain for a few shots, we had to head back inside! Despite this setback, the day was informative and fun. I came away from the workshop confident that my camera would never be a mystery to me again! Regards. Anne Amos (Rockingham SLR1) 

Hello Rod and Ann Thanks for a fantastic day (29.04.12) at Rockingham, the workshop was brilliant, shame the same couldn't be said about the weather. Hope to do wildlife workshop with you in the near future x (Odette, Rockingham Castle - SLR1) 

Jean, Just a short note to say thank you for a very entertaining day on Saturday. I enjoyed your insights and help and I feel that I learned a lot. Afterwards Andrew, Peter and I went back to the Black Water and spent another hour or so taking in the softer light higher up the falls. I am looking forward to coming back on the landscape 2 course in July and I know that Andrew has now booked a place. I have put some of my fledgling attempts on my web site here if you have time to take a look. Kind Regards Jon Evans (Water & Movement, Snowdonia) 

Hi Dominic, I just want to say I got so much out of the course today. The 1 to 1 was a really good follow on from the days course you ran in Windsor. Today has really inspired me to get more creative and has broaden my knowledge on the camera and Adobe Elements. You have a wonderful knack of making things easy to understand. Regards, Jenny 

Hi Jan, thankyou so much for the brilliant day on saturday- you were all very patient with me! have just seen the photographs on the website and am very pleased to have some of mine on there. I promise to keep practising! hope to see you again soon. Pauline (Introduction to Photographing Birds of Prey) 

Hello Rod, Since attending the Introduction to Elements course I have put into practice many of the techniques you taught us. Photo manipulation/enhancement using Photoshop is no longer a hit and miss experience. Your explanation of each step was clear and set out logically. Even the simplest of tasks such as removing blemishes would have been hard work. Now I have been able to tidy up a delightful photograph I took of my 9 month old Granddaughter just after she had her lunch. There was food around her mouth, now it’s all gone. Thanks to your excellent tuition I have really made great progress with Photoshop. Many thanks to you and Ann for and excellent course. With best regards, Henry (Anglesey Abbey - Intro. to Elements) 

Dear Peter,Thank you for a very informative and entertaining session yesterday. I'd like to give you my feedback on a one-to-one basis: Venue: Excellent, Tutor: Excellent, Content: Excellent, (I could go on). I liked your style and the way that you encouraged questions. Thank you again for all your help yesterday and I look forward to meeting you again at some future course. I will certainly come to Part 2 as soon as possible. Best wishes, Doug Fowler 

Just wanted to drop a line, to Thank Peter & Wayne for a brilliant course yesterday LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY COURSES - PART 1 @ Tynesfield, Bristol. I really enjoyed the well structured Course, they both made it very easy to follow and asking questions was not a problem at all. We were all made very welcome and given a full understanding of what is required or what makes a good picture, how to get into position etc, even the weather was kind to us and was a fun filled day. When out and about taking pictures they kept check on us, making sure we were ok and giving us new ideas to try out. After todays course I have found a new confidence in using my tripod, remote control and Filters of which I hadn't used before, so looking forward to putting all of these into practice and the tips that were advised. I have previously done DSLR/Compact System Camera Part 1 & 2 with Allan Frost and learnt lots, would fully recommend these courses to others and look forward to doing more courses with your group. I am now looking at the other courses available, and can't wait to book them. Michelle McKenna 

Hi Rod, I attended your Intro to DSLR Course at Stanwick lakes last week and wanted to thank you and Ann for a great day. Not only did I learn a lot, but you confirmed to me that I haven't been wasting my time previously. The atmosphere was great, everyone was able to ask any question, no question was too stupid to ask and I am now deciding which course to attend next. Thanks again, Andy (SLR1 - Stanwick Lakes)
Hi Rod and Ann, Can I say that I attended the course for two reasons - the first was to feel more confident with my new camera and to better understand what it could do and how I could manage it better and get the most from it. I learnt so much and also realised just how much more there is to learn - thank you so much. The second reason I attended was because you had such good testimonials on your website from those who have gone before me and I now understand why. You created an atmosphere that was really conducive to learning which included no pressure, lots of humour and the thing most important for me - that no question is a silly one. So a big thank you and please feel free to use my thoughts as a further testimonial. Best wishes, Nigel (Stanwick Lakes - SLR1) 

Hi Rod, Thanks for an enjoyable and informative course. I arrived with a some understanding of each setting in isolation and left able to think of them in combination. Next stage, put the theory into practice. Your, incidental, practical advice on equipment and software was especially valuable. All the best. Brian (Burghley House - SLR2) 

I attended the DSLR Part 1 course at Rufford Old Hall on 10 March 2012. Carol’s enthusiasm for photography came through and she helped everyone in a very pleasant, competent and informative way. The proof of the course provided some excellent photographs by the end of the day, together with with an understanding of how we had achieved those results. Carol’s eagerness and patience to answer questions was also appreciated. I will be booking for a further course. Thank you and best wishes. William. PS: A thoroughly good course. 

Tish, just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for the course on Saturday. I certainly enjoyed it and I think everyone else did as well. It was also great to meet such a friendly bunch of fellow enthusiasts, everyone mixed well and we had some good conversations as well as some fun and productive photography. I have exchanged email address with a few of them as its always good to meet fellow enthusiasts. Anyway, I've certainly got my head around flash exposure compensation now and will be putting that into practice at the next photo shoot I do. I'm just trying to line up a couple of models now through Model Mayhem. If you'd like to see a few of my images ...... So once again thanks for a very enjoyable Saturday. Best wishes, Martin. 

Hi Andy, just wanted to say "Thank you" for a brilliant day yesterday at Chessington Zoo. We learnt loads & have some great photos. It was fab to have the zoo to ourselves. Sara & Glyn P.S This is the fifth course I have done with your team (part 1 & 2, portraits family & friends, portraits with flash previously) & I can't recommend you highly enough. Every "tutor" has been knowledgable & approachable. The courses have been fun & easy going but I've still learnt loads. In under a year I have gone from a complete novice always on auto, to loving experimenting with my new found skills.Thank you all for sharing your love of photography. Sara
Hello Andy, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the Photography Workshop at Chessington Zoo yesterday. I thought the day was extremely well organised and presented - and I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. So my thanks to you and the team. I look forward to meeting up with you on another workshop some time soon...MARTIN 

Just to say thanks very much for yesterday's workshop - which I found really helped my photography as well as being a great day out in the sun! One question - Andy kindly let me borrow the Sigma zoom lens for most of the day - would you mind letting me know exactly what model it was? Best wishes Tim Harrop. 

Just a brief note to thank you for the workshop today, I found the input informative and accessible, the venue equally suitable and accommodating and Andy's tips and support were excellent throughout the day. I will have no hesitation in recommending your courses to others and will certainly be looking at something else in the future (please forward details of Macro wildlife). Thanks again, I have a number of good photographs from the day and feel a little happier with how my camera works. Cheers M@ 

Hi Tish, thanks for a good Portraits With Flash course today. I enjoyed it and learnt lots! I've just uploaded a few shots from today before I shoot out the door again.  They are on my flickr page if you'd like to have a look, all the best, James. 

Tish, thanks for a really great day yesterday. It was very informative. The handouts were very good and the diagrams are excellent. As the saying goes - a picture paints a thousand words - the best from any course I've been on. The hands-on element is great and I certainly don't feel so afraid of the equipment now - and thanks to the lovely, patient Michelle for being such a good model. Thank again. Many thanks, Vanessa.
Hi Andy and Trish, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the fab course I attended on Saturday. I still need to practice a great deal with getting the "aperture" setting etc but I loved it and have told my hubby I want to do the 2nd Course for my birthday. Many thanks again, Warm wishes, Debbie Nathan. (Canon PowerShot S5IS). 

Hi Andy, Just wanted to say thanks again for lending the SLR, it was much appreciated. Really enjoyed the entire day and learnt a hell of a lot more than I was ever expecting. Thanks again, John Danby. 

I really enjoyed the studio photography workshop today. It's always a pleasure to see Andy again :) I learnt so much and can't wait to get practicing. Thanks for putting on these workshops,  Jaspal. 

Good morning Tish & Andy, many thanks for a brilliant day last Tuesday , even though I had read up and watched plenty of DVD's on taking photos you made it so much easier to understand and very enjoyable. I never knew taking photos of mushrooms could be so much fun, Kerry. 

Hi Andy , many thanks the One to One yesterday. It was the best day out I've had for a long time. I had a quick look over the photos last night when I got in and I could not believe that I took half of them I'm so please at how they all came out over 150 good photos from one day. I've already planned a visit this weekend to a zoo in Hampshire. As you said on the first course about photography should be fun, you certainly make it a fun filled and enjoyable day, one I won't forget for a longtime.  Regards Kerry.