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Get off Auto - Essential Camera Skills   Get Creative - Advanced Camera Skills
Get off Auto

If you want to get off Auto and unlock your camera's true potential, you'll love this workshop >>

Get Creative

Unleash your camera's full potential.  Learn how to photograph action, take full creative control >>

Wildlife Photography   Close-up & Macro Photography Courses
Wildlife Photography

A variety of wildlife photography workshops from big cats to birds of prey, wildlife photo walks and masterclasses.

Level 2 to 4.  More >>

Close-up & Macro Photography

What you can achieve with your camera and additional accessories for macro photography. How to get sharp shots every time.

Level 2.  More >>

Photographing Family & Friends   Portraits using Flash
Portraits Family & Friends

How to get good shots of familiy activities outdoors or indoors using natural light, and how fill-flash can transform your shots.

Level 2.  More >>

Portrait Photography using Flash

Make the most of your flash to ensure that your images are always correctly exposed and lit in a flattering way.

Level 3.  More >>

Portraits using a Home Studio   Weddings
Portrait Photography using a Home Studio

This is your chance to work with studio lighting and have expert help and advice to hand.

Level 3.  More >>

Introduction to Wedding Photography

If you would like to take professional-looking wedding shots of your friends or family, this two-day workshop will give you all the skills you need.

Level 2.  More >>

Landscape Part 1   Landscape Photography Part 2
Landscape Photography Part 1

What to include in your shot, how to use polarising & graduated filters for great skies and what you need to know about light.

Level 2.  More >>

Landscape Photography Part 2

How to plan your landscape photography and all the tips and tricks you need to help you create stunning shots.

Level 3.  More >>

Composition   Water and all its moods
Composition - How to See and Compose Great Photographs

Learn the artistic side of photography to transform your photos whether you use a smartphone or a DSLR.

Complete beginners.  More >>

Water & Movement

On this workshop we will show you how easy it is to use your camera to capture the varying moods of water in your photographs.

Level 2.  More >>

Low Light & Fill Flash   Photo Walks
Low-Light & Fill-In Flash

Learn how to use your camera & hot-shoe mounted flash to capture images in challenging lighting conditions and create atmospheric photographs.

Level 3.  More >>

Photo Walks

An opportunity for you to spend a day developing the skills you have already learned, with further advice and help from our experienced tutors.

More >>

One-to-one Bespoke Days    Photography Training for Businesses 
One-to-One Bespoke Days

For a real treat you can have one of our experienced tutors to yourself for a day. This can be anything from an intensive photography day to a wildlife experience.  See our One-to-one Photography Days >>

Photography for Businesses

Learn how to produce your own images, in-house, from product shots to promotional materials for your website or literature.   We'll tailor your Photography Training >>

Wedding Masterclass   Studio Masterclass
Posing the Bride & Groom

A day of photo opportunities for your portfolio (see individual workshops for details).

Level 4.  More >>

Portrait Photography

A day to perfect your portrait photography techniques and get images for your portfolio (see individual workshops for details).

Level 4.  More >>





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Slimbridge Photo Walks

We're offering more wildlife workshops for 2014 than ever before, like our Slimbridge photo walks, which are a great opportunity to have a day concentrating on bird photography, enjoying the 120 acres of grounds established by Sir Peter Scott to showcase the wonderful varieties of waterfowl which visit the Severn Estuary every year, as well as walking amongst many of the captive birds at Slimbridge, whilst having our Going Digital tutor on hand for individual guidance and advice. Next date 7th June.


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Most of our workshops are run at weekends, from 10am to 4pm.

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