Better learning with a mix of training in the classroom and on location

With a mIx of theory learning in the classroom or alternative venue and practical on location, you'll have ample time to find out how to use your camera including hands-on practice, with handouts and assignments to take home to refine your skills - practice makes perfect!

How do I get my camera out of Auto mode?

If you're a beginner and you've been using your camera on Auto, or trying various settings with mixed results, this workshop will give you a good foundation in photography in just one day.  

Where does this workshop run?

You can attend this workshop at over 60 picturesque venues from Scotland to Cornwall, so there's sure to be one near you.  Just scroll to the Workshop Calendar below.

Cameras:  DSLR, Mirrorless, Compact System (CSC), Four-Thirds, Bridge, Superzoom and Compact with Aperture Priority (A or AV on the mode dial) 

Don't have a camera yet?  We're happy to provide a loan camera, free of charge, on many of our workshops. If there's one available you'll be able to reserve it when you click 'Book Now'.

Content:  Learn how to create blurred backgrounds in your portrait and close-up shots to make your subject really stand out, and take detailed landscape photos, by shooting in Aperture Priority.  Find the fastest way to access your camera's features, how shutter speed affects your photos and how to avoid camera shake by adjusting ISO. 

Main Points Covered:

f-stops - we'll tell you what these are and how to use them creatively to create both that dreamy background blur and to ensure your landscape is all in focus

Focussing - we'll show you how to make your camera focus in exactly the correct place to get those elusive shots with pinpoint accuracy

White Balance - how to change the colours in your photo if they're not what you see or what you want

Exposure Compensation - learn how to make your photos brighter or darker with no need for editing

Buttons and Dials - we'll help you understand what they do, how to change them and how and when to use them so that you have a better understanding of, and feel more confident with your camera

Where:  Commencing with a theory session, to learn how to get the best from your camera, then out and about at your venue, taking a variety of photographs.  Finally back indoors to discuss your images with plenty of time for questions.

Group Size: Small, friendly classes with a maximum 10 students per tutor.

Times: Will vary according to numbers and location so please check your booking and joining instructions for exact details.  Most courses start at 10am and unless otherwise stated will end at 4 pm.  

Previous Experience:  These photography lessons are for complete beginners or if you'd like to learn to shoot in Aperture Priority to take control of your photographs.