We've been inspiring photographers by passing on our knowledge and skills since 2005 originally as Going Digital Limited and since 2022 as GD Photography Limited and we've earned a reputation for enjoyable, high quality, affordable workshops.   

We want you to be able to capture the images that are important to you, in photographs you can be proud of.  To help you to achieve this, we have devised a wide range of workshops that offer great value for money with:

  • a maximum 10 students per tutor (and smaller groups on many of our specialist workshops)

  • enthusiastic, professional, experienced tutors, approved to our high standard. 

  • a mixture of classroom/venue based theory  and hands-on practical photography with detailed handouts and assignments to take home

  • beautiful venues for the maximum photographic opportunities

We have a simple booking system and our website is fully secure (look for the little padlock in the address bar), so you can be assured that all your personal details will be safe with us.


Group photography courses aren't for everyone and many people value the opportunity to receive individually tailored  tuition to help them achieve their objectives.  We're pleased to offer private one-to-one days so that you can learn good photography techniques at your own pace and for more experienced photographers we have a range of experience days where you can fine-tune your skills with a day's hands-on photography with one of our talented tutors.


Passion for Photography:We aim to develop a passion for photography, inspiring individuals to get full use out of their cameras, through developing their knowledge of the principles of photography.

Continuous Learning:We believe in the power of continuous learning and are committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends ensuring that our training programs evolve alongside the ever-changing field of photography.

Inclusive Community:Fostering an inclusive and supportive community, we embrace diversity and create a space where everyone, regardless of skill level or background, feels welcome and valued.

Technical Excellence:We uphold the highest standards of technical excellence, providing comprehensive training that equips photographers with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their craft.

Hands-On Experience:Learning by doing is at the core of our philosophy. We emphasise practical, hands-on experiences that bridge the gap between theory and real-world application.

Ethical Practices:We prioritise honesty, transparency, and respect in all interactions, both within our community and in the wider world.

Mentorship and Support:Nurturing the growth of photographers, we provide mentorship and ongoing support, creating a network where individuals can learn from each other and share their experiences.


For the quickest answer to any questions you may have, for all workshop, booking or gift voucher enquiries, please get in touch with your local GD Photography tutor or our Enquiries Department via our CONTACT page.