Learn how to take full control of lighting of your subject and the background in your images, from flattering portraits to dramatic shots.  This workshop is a good foundation if you're thinking of taking your portrait photography further.


  • use flash indoors and outdoors, as the main source of light and as fill flash

  • bounce flash in a variety of ways for softer, more flattering light

  • control the exposure of your subjects and their background separately

  • manage your subjects for the most natural-looking images

  • introduction to off-camera flash to model your subject and replicate studio lighting

Where:  Commencing in the classroom, taking an in-depth look at your camera and flash, followed by practical photography sessions with a model.

Equipment:  This workshop is suitable for any camera with a dedicated hot-shoe mounted flash/speedlight (a flash unit which is fully compatible with your camera).  Optional equipment - bounce flash or softbox type accessories for your flash, hand-held reflector.

Times:  Full day, usually 10 am to 4 pm but please check your joining instructions for full details.

Previous Experience:   To get the best from this workshop, we recommend that you have attended one or more of our Level 2 workshops, or have a good understanding of use of Aperture Priority, ISO and Exposure Compensation

If you'd like to develop your skills even further, we offer a range of Creative Portrait Photography workshops, including photographing bands on stage, equestrian photography and use of  off-camera single and multi-flash setups and lighting.