Choose one of our stand-alone, one-day workshops listed below, or put together your own course,  To be sure that your chosen workshop is perfect for you, please take a look at our Skill Levels:

  • Skill Level 1Complete beginners or anyone wanting to get their camera off Auto mode to unlock its true potential.

  • Skill Level 2 - You have attended our Introduction to Photography Part 1 workshop or you are already familiar with the use of Aperture Priority, Exposure Compensation and ISO.

  • Skill Level 3 - You have attended one or more of our Level 2 workshops, or have a good understanding of use of Aperture Priority, ISO and Exposure Compensation and wish to learn new techniques and develop your skills.

  • Skill Level 4 - You have attended one or more of our Level 3 workshops, or you are familiar with the key features of your camera and can control depth of field and shutter speed, and have some experience of photographing moving subjects.

One-to-one Tuition & Bespoke TRAINING Days

We know that group workshops aren't for everyone so we offer personalised One-to-One tuition in all our regular subjects.  For more experienced photographers our Bespoke Experience Days are the ideal opportunity to refine photographic skills.  Find out more about tailored training in your area.

One-day Workshops (click heading to expand section)