On Going Digital photography courses we'll show you how to capture the images that are important to you.  Starting with our beginners photography courses, with a mix of learning in the classroom and on location, we'll help you build the skills to take photographs to be proud of. 

  • Skill Level 1 Complete beginners or anyone wanting to get their camera off Auto mode to unlock its true potential.

  • Skill Level 2 - You have attended our Introduction to Photography Part 1 workshop or you are already familiar with the use of Aperture Priority, Exposure Compensation and ISO.

  • Skill Level 3 - You have attended one or more of our Level 2 workshops, or have a good understanding of use of Aperture Priority, ISO and Exposure Compensation and wish to learn new techniques and develop your skills.

  • Skill Level 4 - You have attended one or more of our Level 3 workshops, or you are familiar with the key features of your camera and can control depth of field and shutter speed, and have some experience of photographing moving subjects.

To see a list of our workshops and what level they are please visit our Course page here