We'll show you how to capture the secrets of the tiny world around you, in stunning images from abstracts to detailed shots.  You'll have lots of hands-on photography throughout the day to perfect your skills.  

Our workshops vary from venue to venue:

  1. Wildlife Macro WorkshopsLook out for our wildlife themed workshops in the list below, with subjects from butterflies to insects and reptiles.

  2. General Macro Photography and Product Shots - The techniques you'll learn on this workshop can also be used to take product shots that could be used on eBay or your own website.

  3. Creative Macro Photography - Create your own amazing artistic shots, from capturing water droplets to reflections in raindrops and much more.

Please scroll to the workshop listing at the bottom of this page for full details.

Content:  You'll learn how to use the features of your camera for eye-catching close-ups, what lenses and additional accessories can be used to develop your macro photography, simple lighting techniques and how good composition can transform your shots.  Subjects vary depending on the location, so please take a look at the full descriptions in the workshop calendar below.

Main Points Covered:

Composition - we'll explain all about composition and help you to put it into practice

Focussing - we'll show you what focus mode to set, how to change your focus points and where to focus so that your photos are beautifully sharp

Aperture - you'll learn how to get all of your subject in focus or how to get just a small part in focus with a beautiful blurred background

Get Creative - we'll show you how to create more interesting photos using backlighting, reflectors and artificial light

Exposure Compensation - you'll learn how to override your cameras metering and how to brighten and darken your photos in camera to get the exact exposure that you want

Where:  Commencing in the classroom, taking an in-depth look at your camera, followed by two hands-on photography sessions to put what you've learned into practice, and finally back to the classroom to discuss your images with plenty of time for your questions.

Cameras:  DSLR, compact system (CSC), superzoom, bridge and compact cameras.  If you have an interchangeable lens camera you won't need a special macro lens.  To get the best from this workshop you will need a tripod - if you don't have one please contact your local tutor who may be able to loan you a tripod for the day.

Previous experience: to get the most from this workshop, you should have attended our beginners Get Off Auto workshop or be familiar with the use of Aperture Priority, Exposure Compensation and ISO.

Group Size:  A maximum of 10 students per tutor.

Times:  Full day, usually 10 am to 4 pm but please check your joining instructions.