Would you like to be able to work in full Manual Mode and at the same time do you look at a scene and struggle to see what would make a good photograph?  Or do you avoid photography because it's raining?  Let us show you just how many opportunities there are to capture amazing images whenever and wherever you are, to add something unique to your photography.  At the same time learn the skills of great Composition which will really add that special touch to your photographs.


  • We'll show you how to see beyond the superficial and really engage with your subject.

  • Learn to visualise how you'd like your photograph to look and shoot with intention.

  • Apply the basic rules of composition and how colour affects your images.

  • Changing perspective to radically improve your photographs.

Main Points Covered:

Manual Mode - we'll show you how to use manual mode to precisely control your camera and start to shoot much more creative imagery

Light - you'll learn how the camera 'sees' light, how it differs to what our eyes see and how to use it to your advantage

Focus - we look at how to focus in low light and when and how to use manual focus

Landscape Skills - we'll explain how to create 'smooth' water, use graduated and Neutral Density filters and capture movement in clouds

Low Light Photography - you'll learn how to photograph fireworks, light trails, sparklers, create 'ghosts' and photograph in low light

Composition - we look at the rules of composition including how using light and colour can change a shot

Lenses - we explain how your lens choice can affect a photo and change the perspective

Where:  Commencing indoors we will show you how to set up and use your camera in Manual mode and also show the essential skills of composing wonderful images.  After this you will have a challenge to apply the rules you have learned regarding composition whilst using manual mode, in a really great practical challenge around the venue.  Can you find something to fulfil every category?  Your tutor will be on hand to guide you.   There will be an opportunity to review and discuss your images and to ask any questions.  Note:  This course involves considerable time taking photographs out around the venue, so please be prepared and dress appropriately for this.

Cameras:  All cameras with a MOde dial allowing Manual (M) mode to be selected.

Previous Experience: Anyone can attend this course as much is related to composition but to gain the full benefit of the Manual mode section it should follow on from a minimum of our Get off Auto course or its equivalent.

Group Size:  A maximum of 10 students per tutor.

Times:  Usually Full day, 10 am to 4 pm but please check your booking/joining instructions as this may vary according to venue and numbers.