On this workshop you'll learn techniques to capture fast action shots of any subject, and how to create a feeling of movement by panning to blur backgrounds.


  • How to set up your camera to photograph action and the best techniques for action shots

  • Focus for sharp subjects and how to set a correct aperture to give a blurred background

  • Use of ISO to control shutter speed

  • Use of panning to increase the feeling of movement

  • How good composition can transform your images

Where:  On location at a sporting event, with a full briefing from one of our experienced tutors, and advice and further tuition throughout the day.

Group Size:  Please refer to the workshop description below.

Times:  Please refer to the workshop description below.

Cameras:  DSLR, Mirrorless Compact System, Four-Thirds, Bridge, Superzoom.

Equipment:  Please bring a spare memory card, you're sure to need it!  As suitable equipment varies, please visit the Venue page in the list below for full details.

Previous Experience:  To get the most from this workshop, you should be familiar with the use of Aperture Priority, Exposure Compensation and ISO.