A venue with a difference! Located in the heart of the city, the Arts Centre hosts amateur and professional theatre, plus a variety of workshop activities for business and pleasure. Come along for a fun filled saturday and learn how to Get Off Auto on our best selling Part 1 workshop, or hone your skills on our Part 2, 

Explore Your Camera Part 1 

For beginners that want to learn to control their camera properly and begin to take better pictures by introducing Tony's simple 4 step method to understanding apertures, shutter speeds and ISO, and also essential tips and tricks to improve your composition and evaluative powers.

Explore Your Camera Part 2 

Builds on these core concepts and offers an insight into action shots, tracking, panning and Manual Mode for Sports enthusiasts (and those with tricky subjects such as kids and dogs!!) Plus, a look at filters and their uses in Landscape photography for those that want to control sky exposures, and learn how to properly blur water for cracking portfolio shots.

Local attractions include Old Aberdeen and Foot Dee which both offer unique photo opportunities, and a fine walk along the promenade.