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Photography Workshops In Cambridgeshire

In addition to our ever popular "Explore" range of beginners' and improvers' photography courses, themed genre specific photography workshops are also available for those interested in taking their photography further as a hobby.

Beginners and Improvers Photography Workshops:

Explore 1 - Get off Auto is a broad beginners photography course designed for those who are new to their cameras or still using Auto mode. It introduces all the basic principles of photography and takes you onto the semi-automatic shooting mode called aperture priority (A or AV) to gain far more creative control over the look of your photos. The course explains the essential of depth of field and how to get blurry backgrounds, correct exposure and exposure compensation, how to control focus, understanding ISO, composition techniques and white balance.

Explore 2 – Develop Your Skills follows naturally from “Get off Auto” and teaches students already comfortable using Aperture Priority (A or AV mode) and basic exposure compensation how to use their cameras creatively for motion and light. It includes how to photograph moving subjects to either freeze fast action or create motion blur. It also explores fill flash, exposure bracketing for back lit scenarios and when to use other semi-automatic shutter priority (TV) and manual shooting modes.

Specialist and Themed Photography Courses:

This is also a great venue if you've developed an interest in a particular genre of photography. Keep an eye out for special interest courses:
- Landscape Photography - An introduction
- Close Up and Macro Photography
- Portrait Photraphy - An Introduction
- Studio Portrait Photography
- Bespoke Private 121 Tuition

The Autumn Landscape
Enjoy photogrpahing the beautiful autumn colour in our popular introduction to landscape photography, timed for the seasonal colours. Discover how graduated filters can help handle contrast to create beautiful skies. Loan graduated filters provided on the day.

Portrait Photography Using a Home Studio Kit
Studio lighting workshops are held at Anglesey Abbey throughout the year. Studio equipment provided. See the Home Studio page for more information: Portrait Photography using a Home Studio.

Tailored Private Photography Tuition
Small group workshops aren't for everyone. We're pleased to offer tailored individual private photography tuition at this venue. For more information visit our 121 page

About this Venue

Going Digital's workshops at Anglesey Abbey are based in the Robinson Room and the photographic sessions are run in the grounds and gardens surrounding the Abbey. These gardens cover some 98 acres grounds and provide an ever changing scene throughout the year. If your workshop takes place in February, then you will be able to enjoy the thousands of snowdrops as they appear in the Abbey grounds. Later in the year the rose garden and herbaceous borders come into their own all set against beautiful historic architecture of the Abbey itself.

If you can't find a suitable date or are looking for a different specialist photography course, take a look at our full regional photography course listings

DayDateWorkshop SubjectCost £PlacesReserve Your Place
Sun 10 May 2015 Introduction to Portrait Photography
We will show you how your portraits can be more like the professionals by understanding natural light and using your cameras built-in flash to add detail and interest.
85.00 >3
Sat 11 July 2015 Explore Your Camera Part 1 - Get off Auto - Essential Camera Skills - better photographs in a day
Learn to use your camera take better close-ups, portraits and landscapes around the Abbey.
85.00 >3
Sat 5 September 2015 Explore Your Camera Part 1 - Get off Auto - Essential Camera Skills - better photographs in a day
Learn to use your camera take better close-ups, portraits and landscapes around the Abbey.
85.00 >3
Sat 3 October 2015 Introduction to Landscape Photography
Composition, exposure, polarising and graduated filters for more dramatic landscape photography in the grounds of Anglesey Abbey with Peter Hallam, MA, ARPS.
85.00 >3


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Peter Hallam, MA, ARPS (EofE)
Tel: 01778 571842
Mob: 07742 614393

Why not bring your family for a day out? Visit the National Trust Anglesey Abbey website for details.


Take a look at our full list of workshops in the East of England region >>


Hi Rod and Ali,

Trevor and I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop at Anglesey Abbey yesterday entitled ‘Get off auto’.

There was so much information to take in and the hand-outs, I know, will be an invaluable source of assistance when the old grey matter doesn’t retain all the finer details. We spent the morning today wandering around Ferry Meadows trying to put into practice some of the techniques you shared with us.

We will undoubtedly be taking you up on your offer of assistance, once we have reviewed our efforts!

Thank you for your patience with us and we hope to join you for another workshop at a future date (once we have mastered the off / on switch J).

Julie (Get off Auto)


I really enjoyed your Photoshop Elements course yesterday at Anglesey Abbey. I've had Elements for several months now and every now and then I would crank it up and try and work my way through the maze of jargon and mass of over-engineered features to do something simple with a photo. Inevitably, after fifteen minutes of rising blood pressure I would switch it off again, convinced that underexposed washed-out photo wasn't so bad after all. Your course helped cut through all this and I now feel able to focus on the essential bits with a new-found enthusiasm and confidence. I like your relaxed, professional style and the way you explain things so logically and simply. I have done four of your courses now, and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking to inspire themselves to become a more knowledgeable and competent photographer.

Yesterday you kindly offered a worksheet to help remove the "tabbing" of open files in Elements 10. Would you mind emailing me a copy please.

Many thanks and best regards

Stewart (Intro. to Editing)

Thanks Rod,

Thanks for the course today which I found very useful. I spent an hour after the course experimenting and found a real improvement in my shots. The light was quite dramatic and made a real difference.

Thanks again,

Jerry Anglesey Abbey - Landscape 1)

Hi Rod

Thanks for the handout, I am definitely going to be purchasing some filters.
Thank you so much today, really learnt alot and helped to consolidate lots of things!!! Must make sure I dont hit buttons changing settings that I dont want changed!!
Thanks again. We have already got part 2 of getting to know your camera booked in June I think so looking forward to that.

Catherine (Landscape 1)

Hi Rod

I'm writing to thank you for running such an excellent course on Saturday.

The content, detail and approach was just right for me - with a fair experience of photography including some tuition, but largely self taught in Photoshop.

The course material is excellent, so much better than any of my Photoshop books. Your teaching style brought it all to life and made each detail memorable. My editing practice is certainly changed for ever !

I've attached my first two new edits from summer in Paris which i hope you enjoy - I'm sure you'll recognise some of your teaching in practice.

Thanks again.

Best Regards, Lawrence (Creative Editing)

Hi Rod and Ann

Thank-you on behalf of Angela & I for a great day at Anglesey Abbey.

We both learnt so much about our cameras and it is certainly more fun
than just using Auto and not having control of the pictures you take.

Have now become a Rule of thirds bore but I don’t care.

Regards Sandra & Angela (SLR1)

Hi Rod and Ann

We would just like to say thank you for making the course on Saturday so enjoyable. We both have gained lots from the day but we realise we have only scratched the surface and have lots more to learn. Hopefully we are no longer afraid to take the camera out of the bag and when we do the composition of our shots has improved a lot.

Kind regards,

Charles and Wendy (SLR1)

Hello Rod,

Since attending the Introduction to Elements course I have put into practice many of the techniques you taught us. Photo manipulation/enhancement using Photoshop is no longer a hit and miss experience. Your explanation of each step was clear and set out logically. Even the simplest of tasks such as removing blemishes would have been hard work. Now I have been able to tidy up a delightful photograph I took of my 9 month old Granddaughter just after she had her lunch. There was food around her mouth, now it’s all gone. Thanks to your excellent tuition I have really made great progress with Photoshop. Many thanks to you and Ann for and excellent course.

With best regards,

Henry (Intro. to Elements)

Dear Rod,

I attended the Digital SLR 1 course yesterday and just have a few quick questions. Firstly, I cannot remember the name of the computer programme you used to edit some of the photos- I remember you said you can usually buy it on amazon but completly forgot what the actual programme is called? Also how much am I likely to pay for it?

I had a great day yesterday and have been out today putting what I learnt into practise. I will definitely be booking up some more courses in the future. Can you tell me if I were to book a one-to-one session to get it at the reduced rate would I need to book by a certain date? I would be grateful for more details on the one-to-one sessions.

Many thanks in advance,

Ellyn (SLR1)

Dear Rod and Anne,
I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for yesterday! I am feeling quite enthused about exploring photography now and all fired up to go off and practice the techniques we covered yesterday. I am going to spend some good time in Cornwall at Christmas trying to capture to mood and feeling of the trip. So thank you for giving me confidence to go off and play with cameras all on my own!
I would send some photos but I thought I would wait until I got the snaps from the Luminix camera and try and send a couple of my favs.
Best wishes and hope to see on another course soon!

Bev (SLR1 workshop - Nov 2011)

Hi Rod

Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for a really enjoyable and informative course on Friday at Anglesey Abbey. I loved your relaxed and friendly teaching style - great sense of humour too! This is my second going digital course and I will definitely be attending more.

Best wishes

Janet S (Photographing Friends & Family Course)

Hello Rod,

I just wanted to drop you a mail to say I really enjoyed the workshop on Sunday at Anglesey Abbey. Yourself and Ann very helpful and patient! The course notes and the practical part of the day were very useful. I would definitely recommend your workshops. I’m happy to say I will now have the patience to use my camera as I now know the basics. Once again many thanks

Kind regards

Clare Hubbard (DSLR prt1)

Hi Rod Having attended a digital photography and photoshop course with you in September I wanted to thank you so much. As always, your courses were well organised and I learned such a great deal. Nothing is too much trouble for you and your considerable patience makes learning so much easier. You always make learning fun and your sense of humour ensures that we have a laugh as well. Thanks also to Anne. I look forward to the next course. Cheerio for now from:

Lynda Porter, (Photoshop at Anglesey Abbey)

'Thanks for another interesting and thoroughly enjoyable day's course! Good venue, great tips and excellent handouts delivered in a well structured and accessible way.'

Tracy M (Creative Editing)

Hi guys,

It was great to meet you both on Sunday, I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and got a lot out of it. As I said afterwards I did suspect it would be like opening a can of worms and it has proven to be the case .... a little information is a dangerous thing as someone once said!

Anne (Creative Editing)

Hi Rod,

I don't suppose you remember me, I attended the Going Digital Photography Workshops at Wicken (the rainy day version) and Anglesey Abbey last year.

I just wanted to let you know that I was shortlisted in the Notcutt's (Garden Centres) Photographic Competition this year. I didn't win, but it was only the second competition I've entered - so I wanted to say thank you! The courses gave me the encouragement and confidence in my own abilities to 'get out there and do something' - and I did!

Thanks again

Lesley G.


Just to say 'thank you' again for the very informative and enjoyable course on Exploring the Digital Camera at Anglesey Abbey. You have given me the confidence to move from 'auto' and to experiment with the other settings on my compact camera. I know I still have a lot to learn to master even the basics, but you have fired my enthusiasm for taking more photographs and practising the skills you taught us. I am looking forward to the next course!

Rod, I am very interested in the Introduction to Photoshop Elements course and wondered if you can you tell me when the dates will be released for next year, please?

Many thanks,
Julie (SLR1)

Hi Rod

Just a note to say I enjoyed the workshop on Saturday and found it extremely useful. All I need now is time to put some of what I learned into practice!

If you can email the notes you mentioned on Saturday re Photoshop Elements 9 I would be grateful,

Thanks, Jennifer

Dear Rod,

I got home safely after today's course in about an hour and a half - after passing through an almighty rain storm!

Thanks for today, as I said, it really opened the door on Elements. Now I've just got to practice.

Please can you reply with the instructions for changing the preferences on version 9?

I hope to see you at future courses - maybe a bit of actual photography next time!

All the best

Irene (Intro to Editing)

Just got home and wanted to write and say thanks very much for today Rod. Had a lot of fun and I am so impressed with what I've learnt in such a short amount of time. No doubt you have heard this numerous times, but you're a great teacher and I'm already looking forward to the next class!! I really do feel like I can go out and conquer, at least, some of the settings on my camera now! Take Care and thanks again.

Emma D (Anglesey Abbey - SLR 1)

Hi Rod...

Thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into presenting the course at Anglesey Abbey on Friday. I had a great time and learnt an enormous amount, benefiting as much from the small tips and snippets coming from your years of experience as the course content itself. Although this was my first Going Digital workshop, I'm pretty sure it won't be my last.

Thanks again for a great day.

Best wishes,

Paul (Portraits, Family & Friends)


I would like to thank you and Ann for an informative day last Saturday at Anglesey Abbey. I hope to find the time to practice what I have learnt.

Lawrence (SLR2)


thanks for last Sunday had a great day learnt a great deal really made me want to pick me camera up again even dusted off the Pentax slr but i'll stick with the digital for now,
Will definatley be doing the next one will book a date very soon.
Once again thanks

Kevin (SLR1)

Hello Rod

I just love these Going Digital courses and this was yet another excellent course run by Rod Corston. We had the opportunity to take portraits under a multitude of indoor lighting conditions with advice and guidance throughout the day. We were able to use two different sets of strobe lights which would have been impossible anywhere else. This, with all the advice and guidance enabled me to decide which set to buy and now I cannot wait until it arrives. Wonderful. Thanks again Rod!

(Clive - Home Studio Lighting)

Dear Rod

Many thanks indeed for today's course at Anglesey Abbey (Explore your DSLR
Part 2). I thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned a lot. I am sure I'll be
back - possibly for one of the landscape courses next.
Please also pass my thanks on to Ann(e).
Best wishes

Dear Rod and Anne

Firstly just to say thank you both so much for a great day yesterday. Not only did I learn a lot but also really enjoyed it.

With regard to lighting I am limited to space and am therefore interested in the smaller studio lights. On the Elemental site there is a kit of FUGL-E lights now at £199.It includes the transmitter and bag. Is this the one we used or do you recommend another. I wrote down the details of the larger set but not the smaller.

Thanks again for a great day.

Helen (Home Studio workshop)

Explore your digital camera part 1

Hello Rod

A very good and enjoyable workshop which gave a good review of both SLR and bridge cameras with the objective of not using the “automatic” settings. It combined both practical work inside the lecture room and taking photographs outside to put theory into practice. The venue of Anglesey Abbey provided plenty of opportunity-despite the rain! Rod has a very good presentation style combining both the ability to give the attendees the benefits of his experience with a sense of humour and encouraging “audience participation”. At the end of the day we saw everybody’s pictures with a constructive and non-threatening critique with suggestions on improvement and demonstration on how they could be edited. Thoroughly recommend the workshop which is very good value for money!

Tony (SLR1)

Hello Rod

Thank you for a great day, especially to Ann, an understanding model. I went away with much to ponder and reflect upon. I was so impressed with the equipment that was being used I have ordered the Elemental 250 Kit.

David (Home Studio)

Dear Rod,

I just wanted to thank yourself and Ann for an excellent day today. It was both really enjoyable and very informative – I have learnt a huge amount, which I can’t wait to put into practice. I will certainly be back for more (probably the Photoshop workshop next).

I hope you have a great Christmas, and I look forward to seeing you at at workshop next year.

Best wishes,
Nigel (SLR2)

Garden Statue


Garden Statue