"I really enjoyed Part 2, perhaps being more familiar with the format. In part 1, I found the practice session difficult with so many new concepts to think about, whereas in part 2, I was clearer about each exercise as you brought us back together to discuss between each exercise. I was impressed by your group management skills, familiarity and ability to switch between different camera systems to meet individual needs, the pre-course information and hand-outs, which are invaluable references.

Would love to do one of your photo-walks in due course, but feel that I need to assimilate what I've learnt so far."

Morag - Developing Skills - September 2021

"Hi Richard 
Sorry for the late reply. Everything was great; you were very good at explaining and paying attention to all of us.
Now just need to practice, as I have been too busy to use my camera.

I have liked the Facebook page. Will leave a review as soon as I can. Planning to do another session but not sure when.
Thank you."

Maria - Developing Skills - September 2021

"Hi Richard,

Thank you for the email. I had a great day yesterday. Not only was Marc able to give photography tips but also was very knowledgeable about the deer, which was an expected bonus. I've done many GD courses and events over the years, so I knew what to expect, and always recommend you to people who are looking to get more out of their cameras."

Peter - Deer Rut Photo-Walk, Dagnam Park - October 2021

"Hi Richard,

Likewise, delighted to finally meet you and thank you for what I can only describe as a thoroughly enjoyable and highly informative tour. Who knew you could do so many things with your smartphone?  I shall now be thinking more carefully about what photos I take and how I compose them. Very much looking forward to that!

As for the tour itself, I appreciated all your efforts to explain clearly what the various iPhone settings did and in addition how a number of apps could be used to enhance the photos taken. I think anyone with even a partial interest in taking photos on their smartphone would find the tour a lot of fun.

Many thanks again and I shall be sure to recommend your expertly delivered tours to others I know.  Best Regards,"

Simon - Smartphone Photo-Walk, Greenwich - November 2021

"Hi Richard,I had the best time! Sara (Melhuish) is just so lovely!  I visit London often because I love it but saw it through a totally different perspective and saw people and places I would wonder straight past ordinarily totally oblivious! I will make sure I do that.ThanksAmanda "

Amanda - Street Photography Walk w/ Sara Melhuish - November 2021

"Hi Richard,

We really enjoyed the evening and appreciated both your assistance with what transpired to be a challenging session but so very rewarding, I am loving my images and can't wait to come back to London!

Tas has changed my life with her advice and her manual recommendation, the penny finally dropped! Beth and I went to Marylebone for brunch and a walkabout on the Sunday after and I absolutely nailed it, I am still super excited about my images and what I can now achieve with more practice, please thank Tas for me!

I have joined your recommended FB groups today and I will complete a review and share some images with you when time allows in the next week or so.

Take care,"

Amy - Light Trails & Night Photography w/ Tas Black - January 2022

Being a novice at photography, I was keen to develop skills in this area and I am so pleased that I signed up for the street photography, photo-walk workshop with the wonderful Sara Melhuish. The workshop takes one along London's iconic Oxford street, Carnaby street and China town, where I was awoken to the myriad of interpretations of street life.

Highhlights included, incorporating, pedestrians into structure and the movement of images, the use of colour as a medium. Working with light and shadow, whilst aptly manipulating an image and how to use 'fishing' (a new term to me), as a means of creating a great shot.

This highly informative workshop has opened a plethora of new possibilities. Street photography has a new fan."

Denise - Street Photography Walk w/ Sara Melhuish - February 2022

"Dear Richard

That was such an enjoyable and informative morning--thank you so much. It was everything that I hoped it would be in terms of explaining to a layman the various unexplored faciltities for taking photos on my phone.

You have such a relaxed and patient way of  guiding the uninitiated through everything --and repeating things! -- I am very grateful."

Wendy- Smartphone Photography 121 w/ Richard Berry - May 2022