The WWT London Wetlands Centre is in South West London. Join us on this exciting, outdoor full day workshop. The day starts at 11:00am in the Kingfisher Kitchen café with a quick round table chat to cover camera settings, composition, and how to get the best out of the day. From 11:30am until 1.15pm you will take a tour of the South Route with a visit to the Peacock Tower. The day is tailored to suit your camera skills and your wildlife tutor will review your photos as you move around the Wetlands. You will be helped on an individual basis to improve your camera skills. From 1.15pm to 1.45pm you can treat yourself to lunch in the waterside café, review the morning’s photos and explore the afternoon’s opportunities. At 2.00pm you’ll put your new skills to the test at the fast - paced Otter feed, followed by a chance to photograph waterfowl from all over the world, for example black swans, magpie geese and African whistling ducks! The course ends at 4pm but you are free to stay and carry on shooting!