I am a photographer who loves to create and capture moments of time and preserve them forever.I have been hooked on photography since I was a young boy who would pick up my dad’s camera and look at the world through the lens, press click and then wait excitedly for the prints to arrive back through the post. Just as much as photography has changed from those days (30 years ago) so has my understanding and skills. So much so that this has lead me to move from a hobbyist to a professional photographer and now as a Going Digital tutor as well. 

My personal passions to photograph are people and landscapes and preferably people in landscapes but what really excites me is what I call the ‘dance of light with it’s subject’. As much as I enjoy learning new skills to advance my own photography I also enjoy helping others understand and increase their skills to capture images with increasing confidence, competence and creativity, and ultimately to enjoy this wonderful art form. I enjoy running Going Digital South East where we host everything from wildlife photography, to coastal landscapes, to motor racing circuits and much much more.