Open the camera on your phone.

Touch the white arrow at the top - it turns yellow - this allows activation of flash, live view, shape, exposure compensation, timer, tone etc

To go straight to camera, click button on side of phone and swipe up/across.  Sometimes a double click will work.

A ‘Tap’ takes 1 photo, while holding down takes a sequence on androids or a video on apple.  If you pull and hold to the left on apple it then takes a sequence.

You can take photos with white button OR  either of the volume buttons.

Flash is best used as fill flash and it is either On/Off/Auto

HDR may be an option on some phones.

Tap the screen to adjust focus with a slider and to set the focus point.  Hold the box and it locks AE & AF.


Open Photo

Choose photo >edit > simple with phone but you can be much more detailed with some of the alternative apps.

When editing if you hold your finger on the image it will show you the original and when you let go it moves to the edited version.

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