As one of the longest serving GD tutors I have taught hundreds of people over the years, many of whom have become regulars on my workshops and some have even gone on to take up photography as a career. For me it is always a pleasure to see someone who has been confused by camera settings be inspired by the end of the day and wanting more.

However not many people actually realise that I too was once sitting around the table as a GD student. I bought my first camera before a trip to South Africa and hadn’t a clue how to use it, but by some miracle a charity used those pictures and they were internationally published, which got me thinking how much better would I be if I knew what I was doing. So for me that was the start of the journey and a career change after 32 years. Although I have photographed just about everything whilst working, I now specialise in photographing wildlife and doing equine photoshoots as I love to capture the bond between a rider and their horse, in addition I travel the world photographing horses for my fine art work.

You can find details of the workshops I run in the Going Digital Yorkshire region or find out about the other members of the Yorkshire team.