Pandora Maund (Owner and Tutor)

Although my father was a keen aviation photographer I had always managed quite well with my little compact camera until a charity trip to renovate a school in South Africa prompted me to buy my first DSLR as I wanted the get some great images from the trip. Amazingly some of those images were published, despite me using ‘Auto’ mode most of the time, so I figured that it was time to learn to use my camera to it’s full potential and take control of the images rather than leaving it to chance. That was several years ago now and I haven't looked back. Working as a full time photographer my first love is equestrian photography but I have also do weddings, wildlife, motor-sport, commercial work and studio work. I fully appreciate the many hurdles that most beginners face when starting to explore the more advanced features of digital photography, I love teaching and encouraging students to take more control and achieve that shot that you never thought would be possible. To read more about Pandora and her services and to view some of her work check out Pandora's website

Kate Campbell  Tutor 

My initial interest began when I started to support my husband, who is also a professional photographer, by carrying equipment and setting up at portrait shoots. It wasn’t long before I got the bug and was picking up the camera and learning the profession myself. Over the years our business has development and we have a studio in Morley, Leeds. Between us we cover portraits, weddings, corporate and product photography. I love working with people so wedding’s and portraits are my favourites, and when we’re not working,  I love the opportunity to get creative and learn new techniques. I have a background in training and teaming this with my passion for photography makes working with Going Digital a fantastic opportunity for me. To see some of Kate and her husbands work visit

Peter Campbell  (Assistant / One to One Tutor)

It all started for me when I invested in my first DSLR camera. I’ve always been interested in photography and was determined to learn how to use the camera and take control over the photographs I took.

What started as a hobby quickly escalated to photography jobs ‘just for fun’ for friends and family. This helped me to establish my style, find what type of photography I enjoyed and ended in me starting my own photography business.

Working with my wife, we cover a wide range of photography from weddings and portraits to corporate events and product photography. I get inspiration from other photographers and enjoy the creativity of photography and seeing what I can create with my camera. Check out Peter's work here.

Caroline Dell (Specialist Dog Photography Guest Tutor)

I'm Caro, and most dogs pretty soon realise that my pockets are normally loaded with something nice to eat. I'm a qualified photographer and a member of The Guild of Photographer and The Societies of Photographers. My life is stuffed full to the brim with dogs of varying shapes, sizes and ages. They bring joy, happiness, frustration and love but the chances are I am going to be around longer than them and my passion for photography grew from the need to make sure I had pictures of them all. As dog lovers we are always popping out the phone to capture that silly, wild windblown face or the upturned nose that is snoring on the sofa (see I do it as well), but these aren't the memories you want to hang on your walls, or have safely recorded in a book and that is where I can help you. Our studio is a stunning old Hayloft and with access to the beautiful local moors and private woodland, there really is something for everyone. It is here that we hold the dog photography workshops. Check out Caro's work here Here