Simon Bailey : Get off Auto workshop 4th November 2023

Thank you once again for the workshop yesterday - I learned so much that has energised me to get the camera out of the cupboard again. In fact, I've already been out and about with it this morning!  
I'd like to offer you some specific feedback: I have worked in the field of training and development for 35 years and I run my own business - training leadership, management and sales. My experience tells me that there are few individuals who genuinely have what it takes to be a great trainer, but you certainly do. You understand structure, pace, build, practice and interaction. It was a pleasure to learn from you yesterday as well as to appreciate your delivery style. 

Richard List : Business Developement Executive -  Togel contractors : 121 Business training 11th October 2023

Had a fantastic time the other day, extremely informative and feel I have got a good start on some photography skills.

 I will probably come back to you with a couple of cameras that are available for the business to purchase, just waiting on the info. 

 Many thanks once again and i'll be in touch.

Becca Campbell : Get off Auto workshop 4th January 2023

Hi Pandora,

 I just wanted to thank you and Kate so much for Saturday, I got so much out of it and found it very beneficial and cannot believe the things I did not know!! It was really encouraging, and the level of help was amazing it really made things easy and I was worried about looking silly not knowing too much about my camera but both of you made me feel so confident.

 I will 100% be looking for future courses to take part in.

 Thanks so much again and hopefully see you soon!


Darren Summers : Sports Photography workshop at Bramham Horse Trials 11th June 2022

Hi Pandora,

Just a quick message. Just got home, buzzing about getting into my photos. But first, I must thank you for a brilliant day. Thank you so much for your instruction, help and advice on the day. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble at all and I really felt like I was learning!

Intelligent Hand Dryers: Business Photography Training 5th May 2022

Thanks so much Pandora,

It was a great session and I felt like I learnt lots.


Lindsay Hewson

Graphic Designer

Rod Alloon-Smith 121 Expereince Day learning the basics 22nd March 2022

What a great day on Tuesday.  Thank you so much for your wisdom, patience & encouragement in helping me unlock key options for improving my DSLR use.  I really enjoyed the day, and found it all very accessible and useful.  Thank you, too, for the various background papers which came in yesterday by email.  I now look forward to arranging some times to work through all the options and new skills, and get them fully within my usual repertoire.   Already, I took my camera while out with Jan for a walk yesterday, and found myself consciously using some of the skills you pointed me to on aperture-priority!

 May I say I was very impressed with your engaging & accessible approach – a good blend of offering new technical options, and why they work, then time to be hands-on in trying out some of the options, and all shared with your warm, encouraging manner.  All much appreciated.

 I’m already considering the possibility of joining one of your further training events in the future – and in the meantime  can work on the new skills & options now at my disposable after the great time on Tuesday.

Sian AlMahfudhi: Birds of Prey 121 Session 21st Septemeber 2021

Thank you for your email and a great workshop, which we both loved. I've already been looking to see what else I fancy doing!

Heather Robinson: Creative Landscapes Movement and Water 25th Septembper 2021

Hi Pandora, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Water and Movement Landscape Workshop on Saturday. Your People Skills and Photography knowledge are extensive and you ensured each person received time with you.

Jim Shaw: Get off Auto Part 1 and Get Creative Part 2 15th and 16th February 2020

Thank you for the 2 emails and attachments, I really enjoyed the two courses Sat 15 & Sun 16, Kate and Pete did present the course in a very professional manner in layman's terms which made it easy to understand and take in. I will definitely recommend these courses to anyone that may be interested.

Odette: Get off Auto Part 1:  9th November Sheffield

Hi Pandora,

This is just to say thank you very much for all the tips and advice you provided on Saturday. I really enjoyed it and I now feel much more confident about what I can achieve with my camera. I will hopefully be signing up for another workshop in the future. Thanks again, it was invaluable.

John Taylor: One to One Expereince Day 30th October 2019

Hi Pandora Really enjoyed today many thanks for your advice and help with getting me back into photography!! Feel excited about exploring the camera more now I am off auto !! Regards  John.

Lorna Daly: Birds of Prey Workshop Cusworth Hall 14th September

Just a quick note to thank yourself and Simon for a fabulous, fabulous day, yesterday, at the Bird of Prey workshop in Cusworth Park. 

David Banks: Landscape Photography Workshop Brimham Rocks 8th September 2019

Thanks Pandora for a professional, well paced, endless patience and enjoyable course at a great location - leant a lot.

Stephen Parker: Wildife Photography 6th September 2019

Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for a wonderful course last Friday. I really enjoyed the day and have got some fantastic shots.

John Matthews: Get off Auto Workshop 28th July 2019

Just a quick note to say thank you for the place on the digital photography course. It was really helpful, well organised and pitched at just the right level. I picked up lots of useful information and tips about digital photography. I can definitely recommend this course for others who are new to using digital SLR cameras. Had a really good time, both Pandora and Kate were excellent.

Jo Bland Get off Auto Workshop 28th July 2019

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for Sunday. Pippa had an incredible day and was absolutely buzzing!  You helped her fit right and and she clearly felt right at home with all the other students. 
A think a passion has been sparked so don’t be surprised if you see her again! 

Elaine Norris Up Close and Personal Wildlife Workshop 20th May 2019

Hi, I’m just looking at my photos from today, lots!! I went away having thoroughly enjoyed myself and I’m buzzing even more now. Thank you for such an awesome day, I learnt so much.

Beki Palmer-Bunting One to one expereince day for daughter Sophie 23rd August 2018

Thank you so much for everything Pandora. Sophie loved her day with you yesterday. It’s been great to see the enthusiasm she has shown after spending the day with you and she was excited to be meeting up with her friend today to take more photos - and to crack on with her assignments!  

I’ve already recommended your tuition to friends :-)

Pat Daley Sports Photogrpahy Workshop at Brahmham Horse Trials 11th June 2018

Lovely to meet you yesterday and I had a fabulous day. Loved it and I learnt a lot. Have got some fabulous shots. 

Naomi Hinton  One to One Expereince day on Portriats 13th June 2018

Thank you so much for yesterday - I really enjoyed it and got so much out of it. I really appreciated you talking me through setting up the shots with Alex and my Dad too - I’ve got some that I’m really pleased with

Michael and Russell Davis One to One Experience Day 18th June 2018

Thanking you for an amazing day. We have learnt so much, which we will put into practice.
Russell says it was brilliant and sends his best regards.

Rosemary Walmsley: Get off Auto Part 1 28th April 2018

Dear Kate and Pandora

 I just wanted to say thank you for a first class workshop o  Saturday at Fountains and for the follow-up notes and Newsletter.

 I will be booking onto the Macro day in Leeds in June if there are any spaces left.

 Best wishes


Neil and Deborah Tilbrook: Get off Auto Part 1 18th February 2018

A great day and learnt a lot! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you guys and hopefully will be booking on more courses soon.

Gareth Booth Developing Skills Part 2 25th November 2017

I really enjoyed the course and learned plenty of new things.  It was just what I needed to make some more progress with my photography.

Sinty Leung Get off Auto Part 1 Roundhay Park 11th November 2017

Hi Pandora, Just to say I thoroughly enjoyed attending Get Off Auto part 1 last Saturday with you guiding us at Leeds.  I actually understood everything you talked about and found your guidance and suggestions very helpful. For me that day at the workshop, learning about the aperture shutter speed and ISO, was much more effective than reading up and researching about it from books and the internet. And it has really motivated me to keep learning.

Barry Mainprize Deer Walk at Fountains Abbey 20th October 2017

Can I start by saying what a wonderful time I had with a group of very nice people and an excellent tutor.  I do hope that I will get chance for another workshop with you.

Cathy Mousette  Part 1 Get off Auto 14th October 2017

I had such a fun day with you Kate. Thank you for getting me off AUTO and what a difference, I know what I am talking about and I really am impressing many with my knowledge of how to take fantastic pictures, thank you.

Ian Carter-Brown Close Up and Macro Workshop 12th August Beningborough

Hi Pandora,
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course last Saturday.  I'd had a go at doing macro before, but on the day I gained a good understanding of what I needed to consider and do in order to produce better results in the future.  
Best wishes,
Ian Carter-Brown

Peter Hallam One to one day with Kate 4th August 2017

Many thanks for your email and attachments and thank you very much indeed for such a lovely day on Friday, I had a very enjoyable time and found it all fascinating!  A great way to be introduced to the workings of my camera and educated in how to get it right or at least improve.  I am looking forward to getting out there and playing around with all the settings and hopefully we will come back from Canada with some great pictures.

Chris and Annie Tossell One to One Day at Beningbrough Hall 21st October 2016

Hi Pandora 

Thanks again for Friday - the course was great, thorough, easy to follow and well presented.  We both felt we really moved forward and we were out Saturday and Sunday practising our newfound skills!

Karen Hyde Part 1 Get off Auto 15th October 2016

Thank you for a great day on Saturday, it was really enjoyable and I learnt so much.  I have booked on the part 2!  I will get out and keep practising.

Eleanor Gill Part 1 Get off Auto 15th October 2016

Thanks for this and for a fantastic day on Saturday, it was great to meet everyone.  I'm looking fwrd to putting all the tips into practice.

Paul Taylor Sport and Event Photography Day at Chatsworth Horse Trials 14th May 2016

I had the pleasure of a days photography with Pandora Maund at the Chatsworth Horse Trials a couple of weeks ago, Pandora even managed to book great weather for us all!

I first went on a 'get off auto' course with Pandora about two years ago with my little Olympus camera never anticipating it becoming a hobby. That course led to another; then another and you can guess how it goes from there, it becomes addictive!! so thanks Pandora for opening the door to a great pastime 

David Richmond One to One Expereince Day Sheffield 18th April 2016

You made it easy to understand and gave me the inspiration to improve.

Roger Spark Get off Auto Beningbrough Hall 16th April 2016

Hi Pandora

Thoroughly enjoyed the day and your teaching.

I will be practising what you taught us and will share via Facebook etc any good results.

Janet Get off Auto Beiningbrough Hall 16th April 2016

Thanks again for a very enjoyable workshop on Saturday.... I learnt loads and feel much more confident with my camera.


Alistair MacDonald One to One Expereince Day Sheffield 14th March 2016

Hi Pandora

Thank you for a great day yesterday.

Lots of good tips and techniques. I know they will improve my skills.

Alex Fabian Seymour Get off Auto 20th February 2016

Dear Pandora
Many thanks for a great course. I had nearly given up on photography with everyone I'd ever looked at going on about photoshop. I'm very much looking forward to part 2 and will no doubt have a number of questions as I'm out and about practicing! Hope that will be ok.

Your course was friendly, reassuring and perfectly pitched to complete beginners!

Really excited about practicing further and past 2!

Catherine Blanshard One to One Expereince Day Beningbrough Hall 15th June 2015

HI Pandora What an inspiring day. Thank you so much. You are a great teacher, giving time, encouragement and patience in equal measure.I learnt a lot throughout the day and definitely you built my confidence to have a go. Luckily I can get out there and take pics over the next few weeks and try and really drum into my brain the different steps you explained.

Susan Letin Get off Auto Nostell Priory 14th June 2015

Just to say thank you for making Don's day yesterday, he thoroughly enjoyed the course and was so happy when he got home last night he couldn't stop talking about it.  So much more confident with his camera.  It made me happy too as it was a gift from me.

Derek Vintin Close up and Macro Roundhay Park Leeds 6th june 2015

I can only repeat how much I enjoyed the day, particularly developing my skill in the class room.

Lesley Johnson Get Creative Part 2 Beningbrough Hall 31st May 2015

Hi Pandora I'd just like to say a big thank you for such a fun day on Sunday at Beningborough. My lasting memory will be you on that scooter zipping backwards and forwards and always smiling!!! I'm sure I should be remembering apertures, shutter speeds and ISO numbers but you were far more entertaining!!!

David Hales Get Off Auto Roundhay Park 2nd May 2015

Just a quick email to say how much I enjoyed the basic course today. It was spot-on for me, Kate was at exactly the right level, at the right pace with the right attitude. 

Paul Wynn One to One Expereince Day 4th February 2015

Hi PandoraI really enjoyed yesterday and it will certainly change the way that I take photographs in the future. Main thing for me was correct use of ISO, the others were use of manual focus, fill flash, understanding exposure compensation which changes shutter speed, correct way to compose photos using the leading lines or one third rule, change in perspective using zoom etc. Can't recommend the day enough.

Graham Wlshaw Deer Walk Fountains Abbey 28th October 2013

Hello Pandora, It's a long time since I last photographed any wildlidfe, I've been so busy recently. I thoroughly enjoyed today, so nice to 1.Lose myself in the moment, 2. End up with mucky wet knees again, 3.Be so involved with the shot I failed to notice everyone else disappearing over the hill. What a lovely friendly bunch. Many thanks for organising the event.

Michael Kirk Deer Walk Fountains Abbey 28th October 2013

Thanks for a great day it could not have been better John did a good job he was informative and a good sense of humour

Chris Anderson Explore Part 1 Beningbrough Hall 1st September 2013

Hi Pandora, just a quick e-mail to thank you for the workshop today I really enjoyed the day, excellent venue, relaxed atmosphere and Eve and yourself did a great job with the input and advice, which I certainly benefited from and will try and put into practice before Pt II in November Regards. Chris

Richard O'Brien Landscape Part 1 Fountains Abbey 25th August 2013

Just wanted to say 'thank you' for a great course on Sunday at Fountains Abbey - I really enjoyed the day and feel that I got a lot out of it!

Ian Kelshaw Landscape Part 1 Fountains Abbey 25th August 2013

thanks for an excellent and informative day on Sunday. I certainly learnt some new and helpful pointers for my photography.

David and Jayne Dawson- One to One 21st August 2013

Hi Pandora, a short e-mail to say a big thank you for a really enjoyable day today.. We have both learnt so much and found the course very informative. The venue was superb and your training style so easy to follow.. we will be putting all the knowledge received to very good use..(Hopefully) We hope to have the opportunity in the not to distant future to attend another of your courses.. Many thanks once again

Gwyn Heely- One to One Fountains Abbey 24th April 2013

Dear Pandora Just to say thank you so much for an absolutely brilliant day!!!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned so much, and you were so generous with your help and advice. Very many thanks

Ann Reynolds- Explore Part 2 Roundhay Park 16th March 2013

Hi Pandora, Just a quick email to say thank you for the course you taught 16/3/13. I really enjoyed the course and thought it was taught in a very easy to understand way and I left with clear idea of how to improve and what to work on. I am really pleased you are taking over the Yorkshire region and will be booking onto another course in the future. Thank you again. Ann.