The Wonders of Pembrokeshire.

Please note the price for this event includes tuition, daily transport and boat and landing charges to Skomer. Cost of board and lodging is not included and you will need to make your own arrangements. We would recommend that you book your accommodation in Marloes, as this will make it easier for daily transport purposes. If you live locally and wish to book the event you may of course do so without booking accommodation, however you will need to make your way to Marloes in the morning to join the group. Your tutor for this event will be Peter Hitchman. Peter stays at Foxdale guest house in Marloes. If you wish to book your accommodation with Foxdale the number is 0164 663 6243.
Pembrokeshire is one of the most beautiful areas in the UK and in the summer time it provides numerous fantastic photo opportunities, which should not be missed! Our three day course is designed to include wildlife, land and seascape and architectural opportunity all with the guidance of one of our expert tutors. 
DAY 1 (Please note the order of the days may vary depending on the weather conditions affecting Skomer landings)
The Puffins on Skomer – at this time of year you will be surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of puffins all coming in to feed their young with sand eels, and the day will afford the chance to get some really close up shots of the birds as well as being able to rise to the challenge of getting the action shots of the birds as they come into land. There are numerous other wild birds on this remote sanctuary including little owls, oystercatchers, fulmars, and chough, and for those who wish to walk all around the island you may see seals, dolphin and sometimes the odd basking shark!
It is an enchanting island with just about everything an island nature reserve should include. It is the second largest island in Wales, after Anglesey, and one of the most important wildlife sites in Europe. Skomer lies just off the Pembrokeshire coast, separated from the mainland by the turbulent waters of the Jack Sound.