If you are just learning, heading off for a safari, or just love wildlife join us for a fabulous walk in around the Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens and gain some insight, understanding and opportunity to learn techniques for photographing wildlife either in the wild or within enclosures. 
Thrigby Hall provides a beautiful selection of animals including snow leopards, Amur leopards, a selection of primates, and mammals, as well as Tigers, Leopard cat, Clouded leopard an aviary and a couple of reptile houses. All animals will be seen in their natural enclosures, there is no special access for this walk, but there are ample opportunities to photograph these animals at both high and low levels through a series of walkways and you will have the support of our photographer to guide you through the enclosures with the suggestions of composition, lighting and settings for your photos. We recommend you bring a selection of lenses including a minimum of 200mm lens for some shots
The Keepers at Thrigby Hall are always visible with any specific questions about the animals you are photographing.
There is no class room based teaching, and you will have to purchase an entry ticket from the main entrance on arrival. During peak periods there is a café onsite, but you are advised to bring plenty to drink and a packed lunch. We meet up at the café area seating at 10am for a quick chat and then aim to finish about 3pm.