If you would like to take professional-looking wedding shots of your friends or family, this two-day workshop will give you all the camera skills you'll need and this is a good foundation if you are contemplating taking your wedding photography further. 


  • plan and prepare for the event

  • take correctly exposed shots

  • photograph without flash in low lighting conditions, e.g. inside a church or registry office

  • use fill-in flash indoors and outdoors

  • take portrait shots of the bride and groom

  • take group portraits 

Where: Each day will begin and end in the classroom, to make sure that you're confident using various features of your camera and to answer all your questions. Throughout both days you will have the opportunity to put theory into practice by photographing our models, and several opportunities to review your images as a group.

Equipment: This workshop is suitable for any camera with a dedicated hot-shoe mounted flash (a flash unit which is compatible with your camera). If you don't have a hot-shoe mounted flash, we will show you how to get the best from your camera's built-in flash, although this may limit the range of shots you will be able to take.   To get the best out of this workshop you will require a tripod (full height).

Times:  Generally both days will run from 10am to 4pm, but please check your Joining Instructions for full details.

Previous Experience: This workshop is designed for anyone considering photographing a wedding, who is already confidently shooting in Aperture priority. 


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